Colbie Caillat And Her Playful Sound

One thing that feel good summer songs seem to do is bring a sense of warmth year round. Many names quickly come to mind, Jack Johnson and Donavon Frankenreiter to name but a few. For some reason not too many female names top this list. Well that is changing, and one artist that is leading that revolution is Colbie Caillat. Her summer breeze, laid back songs just seem to wrap you up in a familiar warmth.

Starting back in 2007 she released her first studio album, Coco. Although the material was not met with the greatest industry reviews, it still managed to hit a peak chart position of 5th on the Billboard Charts. Not bad for an up and comer from Malibu, California.

Her music has grown greatly since that first release. She has dropped two other studio album since then, 2009’s Breakthrough and 2011’s All Of You. Both albums showed an increased emotional depth and blossoming new sound. Her playful attitude and rhythmic approach really gets into your blood and brightens up your mood.

One song that many may have heard is Bubbly, which is from her first album. It has a great ambiance to it, that will keep you smiling all day long. Here check it out.

If you want to check out Colbie Caillat, she will be playing at the Commodore Ballroom on October 9th 2011. So if you want to experience some truly heart-felt music, this is the show to attend.

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