Deftones? Yes, Please

Over the years, there have been only a handful of bands that have been driven by their fan base. Great acts like The Grateful Dead, Pearl Jam and more recently My Morning Jacket, come to mind. One band that usually goes unmentioned, in this category, are the Deftones. Having had the privilege of seeing this energetic, alternative metal group from Sacramento, on several occasions, I can easily say these guys do it for the fans. They get up there night after night and form a symbiotic relationship with their audience, which culminates into an explosive delivery and a feverish aggression. This back and forth fuels a feverish energy that will get into your skin and keep you begging for more.

Throughout the years the Deftones have dropped six studio albums. Each of which has been accepted and consumed at an extraordinary level. The most critically acclaimed of those being 2000’s White Pony and 2003’s self titled Deftones. Both of which broke the top 3 on the billboard charts.

In 2008 the band suffered a great setback when Chi Cheng, the bands bassist, was involved in a car accident. The result of this horrible incident, left Mr Cheng incapacitated. To this day he remains under day to day care, which means large medical bills. A charity was setup in his honor called the One Love For Chi foundation. Many famous celebrities have stepped forward to donate, and help raise funds for this cause. PETA has even been involved. This tragic incident, brought the fan base closed than ever

The band itself rose from this pain and started touring. They found themselves surrounded by audiences that were ready to support a group that was grieving. This relationship quickly blossomed, as both sides dealt with grief through one another. Before long there was a wildfire of explosive energy every night.

This was not new to the Deftones, but it was magnified. The dedication and support by the fan base to their beloved band and vice versa, helped amplify the focus. This group now exists in a place where the love they get from their audience is pure and unconditional. If you talk to any fan they will simply tell you, that this band is the best band in the world. No beating around the bush, no reciting of personal opinion, they will simply tell you flat out “Deftones are the greatest”. Because it is like a family member to them. This group is one of the most down to earth, easy going group, they are simply awe inspiring.

Lucky for all you music maniacs out there, they will be playing tomorrow night (more info) and Tuesday night (more info) at the Commodore Ballroom. I encourage everyone to go. It will be an epic show that will have you mind blown by end of night. If you love high energy metal from a band that plays from the heart with an inspiring passion, then this is the band you want to see and these are the shows you need to see them at. Oh, and hurry up, because these guys usually sell out the day of.

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