Ke$ha The Guilty Pleasure


Rogers Arena is many things. An NHL rink, a landmark in Vancouver’s sky line, an occasional basketball court, an arena rock venue. Hell it has even been a cowboy hat filled country saloon. But on September 9th when Ke$ha, LMFAO & Spank Rock roll into town it is going to be a sleazy dance party.

Ke$ha is a guilty pleasure of mine. Ever since she broke out in 2009 with the international (topped the charts in 11 countries) hit single TiK ToK I have secretly liked her music. When the song shot up the charts and quickly became unavoidable through the summer of ‘09 I had thought Ke$ha was on the fast track to One Hit Wonder folklore, I was wrong. Her album Animal produced other hit singles like Blah, Blah, Blah & Your Love is My Drug. She toured with Rihanna in the past but this time around she is the headliner on tour and has brought along quite the dance party rocking artists.

What does “Party Rocking” mean? Many have asked this question…The answer can be FELT when you play LMFAO’s new album Sorry For Party Rocking. The duo of Red Foo & Sky Blu might not have created the electro heavy genre, but they gave it a name. The lead single off of their latest album Party Rock Anthem has sold over 3,000,000 digital copies and hit #1 on singles charts in over 15 countries. Say what you want about LMFAO but chances are if you turn on any of their songs at a party people will likely say “Who is this?” while they slowly start dancing.

Tickets are still available for this dance party at Rogers Arena through our friends over at Ticketmaster. Get yours today, I’ll be there because EVERYDAY I’M SHUFFLIN

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