LIVE At Squamish Starts Tomorrow

live at squamish crowd

LIVE at Squamish starts tomorrow, and everyone is very excited. With a lineup that seems will surely have the crowds rocking, we will be front and center to capture every note as it happens. Starting tomorrow we will be tweeting live from the festival. Keep your eyes peeled and you may see one of our Concert Addict minions roaming about. If you happen to catch a glimpse, come by and say hi. We are friendly, I promise.

One thing you should note if you are heading out to this event is the ETA of each band. This is great for building your daily itinerary of when and where to be. To help you out here are the proposed set times.

You should always pre-plan your festival attack. It helps to ensure you see all the bands that you are spending your hard earned money to see.

Another piece of information you may need before you head out is the site map. (click here do download and print). Check it out, information is king.

With all that pre-planning in mind there is also a big list of do’s and do not’s and just some plain helpful adviceinformation about the festival here. You should know what you can and cannot bring. Showing up with the expectation that you can bring twelve umbrellas, fourteen lawn chairs and six blankets to build the coolest festival fort, will leave you a little sad. So read up and ensure you are ready to go.

With all that in mind, just have fun. Get out there, listen to all the music you can, especially bands you have never heard of. DO NOT JUST GO FOR THE HEADLINERS. I assure you many of these lesser known bands are wicked. One band to look out for is Panda Watch, from the rumors me thinks this is a cover name for Said The Whale. Anyways this is going to be epic.

If you haven’t had a chance to get tickets well you are still in luck. Tickets are still available and won’t break the bank. A full-event pass is $149, and with all the artists in the line-up, that works out to about $5 per band. Prices jump to $190 for weekend and $110 for single day passes Friday at midnight – so get your passes NOW!

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