Demetri Martin at The Centre In Vancouver

I remember the first time Demetri Martin made me laugh; it was on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Martin’s deadpan delivery while talking with the host had me hooked. Just like Saturday Night Live has for years, The Daily Show has become a launching pad for young comedians in this day & age. You can add Martin’s name to the growing list that includes Stephen Colbert, Steve Carell and debatably Lewis Black. Stand up comedy fans here in Vancouver are going to be treated to a multi medium performance from Martin.

I say “multi medium” because Demetri Martin’s live shows have elements of stand up comedy, illustrations on a “large pad” as well as songs. All of these were on display in his Comedy Central program “Important Things with Demetri Martin”. I was a fan of that show and to say I am looking forward to his performance here in Vancouver is an understatement. I’ll see you all on January 7th.

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