The Trews at The Vogue Theatre

One thing you can say about the boys in The Trews is they can rock a venue. In the few years that I have followed these good ol’ Canadian boys I have seen them live a half a dozen times. Every single time they have been on fire. Playing with a level of passion and energy that most bands would die to present to you. They leave it all on that stage.

Brothers Colin MacDonald and John-Angus MacDonald are joined by their cousin Sean Dalton and friend Jack Syperek. Their sound is a bit folky, a bit pub-rock and a lot of emotion. In their latest album Hope & Ruin, they delivered a true twelve track compilation. One that you can easily put on your iPod and listen to from beginning to end. The single from the album, also called Hope & Ruin, definitely has that Canadian touch. Take a listen below.

The boys are back in town for another go. They will be hitting The Vogue Theatre on March 3rd. If you are looking for something to bring a spark to your weekend, then look no further. The Trews at The Vogue is going to be an epic night, and I hope to see you there.

For more information on the band you can check them out at –

I will leave you with this little tid bit, a live rendition of Paranoid Freak.

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