Sasquatch! Music Festival 2011; Are You Ready?

Every year there seems to be a lot of hype behind the Coachella music festival. Not that it goes unwarranted but there are many other amazing festivals out there that deserve some attention. Top of that list for the U.S. is the Sasquatch! Music Festival. This monster has been running for 10 years (this year being the 10th anniversary), and it has played host to some huge acts. From Kings Of Leon to Jane’s Addiction, this one has seen some greats.

This year they have a doozy of a lineup, headliners include Foo Fighters, Death From Above 1979, Against Me!, Death Cab For Cutie, Bright Eyes, Iron & Wine, Bassnectar, Robyn, Modest Mouse, The Flaming Lips, Flogging Molly, Cold War Kids, Wilco, The Decemberists, and Rodrigo y Gabriela, to name a few. It looks like a stellar gathering of mostly slightly-under-the-radar, heavy hitters. This will be four days of sheer insanity.

Being that this is the 10th anniversary, it is logical to think this will be a great year to attend. Regardless the lineup, I would expect that their will be many special aspects to the event. Also as this festival is known to be the catalyst for many musiciansto have art prints made, this year, I would think, their would be an increase in this type of production. You will probably see 20 or more bands with Sasquatch! Music Festival special posters. For a poster hound, such as myself, this is heaven. To the average concert goer this is by far the best way to commemorate your pilgrimage to The Gorge. If you want to see posters from past years of this jubilee, check out these amazing pieces – click here.

Many of the bands that are not headlining, still remain as must sees. I would say acts like Deerhunter, Noah & The Whale, Sam Roberts Band, K-os, and Black Mountain, are groups that jump into my mind almost instantly. These are bands that have skill and a passionate dedication to their art. Most of which would sell out any club, or medium venue on their own accord. Other groups like Wavves, Das Racist, and Foster the People are up and comers in terms of popularity and should be sought out. The depth in this years lineup is astounding. It is probably why tickets sold out so quickly.

Many items must be checked when attending a multi-day event like this one. You will need to account for weather, from sunscreen to rain poncho. Never assume the weather will do what you want, always plan for the worst. Also you will need layers of clothing. If you get hot you can remove items, if it gets cold you can add, very simple premise that many do not abide by. This venue is in fact fairly clear of mud pockets, but it is also good to bring footwear that you do not mind getting damaged. Lastly there is a list of items which are not permitted; please leave these at home (directly from official event site):

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Factory-sealed soda bottles
  • Recording devices
  • Professional cameras
  • Video equipment
  • Lawn chairs
  • Laser pointers
  • Oversized Containers Of Liquid
  • Oversized backpacks or luggage

So the bottom line is come prepared, play nice, help each other out and enjoy yourself. The last piece of advice I have is this, stay hydrated. But above all else, have fun, absorb the music and enjoy creating those perfect memories.

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