The Hip Are A Must See

tragically hip

One thing you can say about the Canadian music scene is that we have a very unique style and sound. The band that epitomizes this statement is The Tragically Hip. They have one of the most energetic stage shows, and their sound has never really been duplicated. Seeing this group live is always a memorable experience to say the least.

With a front man like Gord Downie, you are guaranteed to have a great presentation. His work ethic and poetic prose will leave you in awe. The last time I was able to catch these guys they were rocking a two night stint at the Orpheum in Vancouver (concert review of The Tragically Hip). At more than a few points during that night Mr.Downie was literally dripping sweat from every piece of clothing he was wearing. At times he was so consumed in the music, it was as if their was no other person in that theater. Those shows sealed me as a true fan of this amazing group.

For those of you out there that are interested, The Tragically Hip are playing Deer Lake Park on Friday July 15. So if you want to check out a great group of guys, playing their hearts out, that will be the place to be. I am so excited for this concert, I have found myself stuck in Youtube hell for about 2 hours watching live clips of the band from past shows.

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