88Rising @ Pacific Coliseum – October 26th 2018

Rapper rich brian performing with 88Rising at Pacific Coliseum in vancouver, BC on October 26th 2018

On the night of October 26, 88Rising brought their “88 Degrees and Rising” Tour to Vancouver at the Pacific Coliseum.

The stage was set by a crowd elevating DJ set by Don Krez. This set the tone for the concert and the rest of 88 Rising for the night.

After the Don Krez brought the crowd to their feet, August 08 hit the stage for a more mellow yet engaging performance. From calm singing to songs where the crowd knew all the words. All set, August 08 didn’t lack to impress the crowd.

Following the performance of August 08 was the Japanese Kohh, a high-intensity performance including him yelling in the mic and getting crazy on stage. His intensity got the crowd very involved and ensured the crowd how the rest of the night was going to go.

Next, was the Indonesian R&B Princess, also known as “NIKI”. She brought piano-based ballads with a strong trendy hi-hat and 808 bounce. She brought high energy to the stage getting fans involved and getting very close and personal with her audience. NIKI all set never failed to get the crowd on their feet and into the sound and groove of her music.

Soon after NIKI’s set, a whole new level came upon the stage. It was time for the Higher Brothers to make their first appearance of the night. A well known Chinese rap group from Chengdu brought the crowd and arena to their feet for their high energy and fast rapping. The Higher Brothers were getting hyped with the crowd standing on the subs up at the front of the stage to get up close to their eager, sweaty and hyped fans.

Following the Higher Brothers phenomenal performance was the much anticipated Keith Ape. Performing his hit songs such as “It G Ma” and “Gospel.” The crowd did lack to miss a beat or a single word singing along with artist as he performed with such high intensity on stage. His set was by far my favourite set of the night and most fun to shoot.

Time for the main events:

Up next was the well-known rapper Rich Brian also known as “Rich Chigga.” Rich Brian brought some sort of hype and mood to the stage that I can’t quite describe. The very anticipated rapper came out to a very upbeat, 808 type song. The crowd was very into the set and jumped throughout while Rich Brian continued to deliver. Later in the set, Rich Brian played some of his slower songs and talked to the crowd throughout staying very social with the crowd.

Lastly, we had Joji come out for the final confirmed set of the night. Joji brought a lot of his mellow songs out. The crowd seemed to know a lot of his music and sung what they could. Joji continued to deliver his music to the crowd still while being sick from the flu. He brought a certain mellow mood to the stage.

The final encore of the night:

When all the sets were completed, everyone from 88Rising came out to perform their hit song Midsummers Madness.

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