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Live Review: Aftershock Festival @ Gibson Ranch – October 24th-25th 2015

Aftershock outdid themselves this year by putting on a phenomenal festival at Gibson Ranch where there was food trucks, 4 stages, 40,000 people!! and plenty of music to please everyone. And don’t forget the wrestling! NXT put on a great show just like the bands! You won’t want to miss Aftershock 2016. Dig into the review and photos below to read and see more about the bands who played this awesome festival and to see why you should be here next year.


Day 1

All That Remains:

Heavy metal rockers All That Remains from Springfield, Massachusetts took the stage by storm when they kicked off their set with a track from their new album The Order of Things titled This Probably Won’t End Well. The packed crowd of fans were head banging, raising their hands and crowd surfing throughout the bands entire set which consisted of songs from the bands older albums The Fall Of Ideals, For We Are Many, A War You Cannot Win and Overcome. All That Remains lead singer Philip Labonte grabbed slowed things down toward the end of the bands set to play What If I was Nothing and sped things back up to finish off the set with Two Weeks.

Black Veil Brides:

Black Veil Brides ran onstage to the intro of the band’s first song Faithless. Christian Coma (aka CC) who plays drums for BVB twirled his sticks multiple times in the air before hitting his drums to provide the beat for the band and for fans to pump their fists to. Following CC came Jake Pitts and Jinxx who shredded on their guitars while bassist Ashley Purdy brought in hard hitting bass lines. Lead singer Andy Biersack became the cherry on top of the bands intro by letting out a five second scream that could be heard from all around the festival grounds. The band noted that this would be their last show of the year and had the following to say to the crowd “Thank you so much guys. I really hope you’re having a great time”. Black Veil Brides played Billy Idol’s song Rebel Yell, The Legacy and countless others before ultimately finishing their impressive set with In The End and thanking Aftershock.

Breaking Benjamin:

Breaking Benjamin began their set with Failure from their new album Dark Before Dawn which included all guitars playing to lead up to the drummer coming in and multiple lighted smoke machines going off on either side of the stage. During the bands second song titled Breath from their album Phobia fans from the front to the back were singing every word with the band. Lead singer Benjamin Burnley was impressed with the crowds love for the band when he said “I see so many of you guys singing every goddamn word. Thank you guys so damn much.” The band played a couple of songs from their albums Dark Before Dawn, Phobia and We Are Not Alone while also playing a few from Saturate and Dear Agony. Multiple fans said their favorite moment was when the band played multiple covers consisting of Imperial March (AKA Darth Vader’s theme), Schism by Tool, Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana and finishing the covers off with Walk from Pantera.

Bring Me The Horizon:

While Bring Me The Horizon’s stage was lit up with a large led panel behind the band BMTH lit up the crowd when lead singer Oli Syke’s said “here we fucking go!” and led into Happy Song off their most recent album That’s The Spirit. Following up with Go To Hell, for Heaven’s Sake and The House Of Wolves from the bands popular album Sempiternal. The band also played Chelsea Smile from one of their harder played albums Suicide Season. Oli didn’t seem too impressed with the crowds performance as he said “You call that a mosh pit? Push it back! I want 3 mosh pits! Come on you fucking pussies!” However the mosh pits did get bigger during Sleepwalking and Antivist so the band had a great time. The band finished their set with Drown from That’s The Spirit and the crowd gave a loud round of applause.

Hollywood Undead:

Hollywood Undead opened up with Undead which caught my eye because many of the members are multi-talented as they rap, play drums, and guitars and switch it up between members throughout the set. Charlie Scene went from rapping to playing the guitar towards the end of the set easily with no timing issues whatsoever. Also the band is consistently in sync despite having 5 people singing, rapping or playing two set of drums. Hollywood Undead does their timing flawlessly and that’s not something that you can find at your local hardcore show. The band played a few songs from Day of the Dead and American Tragedy as well as Swan Songs. The Undead members had the whole crowd waving their hands and singing along with the song Everywhere I Go to close out their amazing set. Needless to say this is not a band you want to miss on their next tour.

Marilyn Manson:

Before Marilyn Manson hit the stage two tapes played. The first one was Satan Is Real by The Louvin Brothers and the second one was The Devil Is A Lie by Rick Ross ft Jay Z which gave out creepy vibes to the crowd as smoke filled the stage. After his awaited appearance fans went crazy with cheers and whistles when they saw Marilyn Manson’s silhouette through the booming lights and fog. It only got louder after that as guitar lines pierced the thick smoke and a drum beat soon followed with the godfather himself Manson laying down the vocals to Deep Six from the bands newest album Pale Emperor. The band kept the crowd hyped with Disposable Teens, mOBSCENE, Sweet Dreams, The Dope Show, and closing out their set with The Beautiful People. Despite being around since 1989 it’s safe to say Marilyn Manson has yet to run out of gas.


Hailing from Pretoria, South Africa comes a great post grunge/hard rock band named Seether. The first song they played was Gasoline from their album now 15 years old titled Fragile. Most of the bands setlist came from Isolate and Medicate released just last year such as Same Damn Life and Nobody Praying for Me. The band didn’t forget to add in their popular songs as they played Fine Again, Rise Above This, Fake It and Remedy. The biggest fear among fans sometimes is does the band play and sound and good as they do on the album? And my response in Seether’s case is Hell. Yes. They played an amazing set and did an excellent job at putting on an unforgettable performance.


Before Shinedown began a tape played from the movie Pinocchio “I have no strings to hold me down, to make me frit, to make me frown. Jiminy Cricket says “Go ahead, make a fool of yourself, then maybe you’ll listen to your conscious.” Following that three stage lights lit up a curtain that covered the front of the stage and the intro to Cut The Chord from Shinedown’s newest album Threat to Survival began. The band went on to play songs from their albums Leave A Whisper, The Sound of Madness and Amaryllis. The best songs they played were If You Only Knew, Bully, Second Chance, and Simple Man. During Simple Man lead singer Brent Smith ensured every fan had out a lighter, cell phone, or some kind of light and they lit up every inch of the festival grounds while Smith seduced the audience with his vocals and everyone sang along. Needless to say Shinedown brought the fire both literally and figuratively on Saturday night. The band had pyro, smoke and fire shooting from behind the band and from the roof as well. The bands final song was Sound Of Madness which has now gained 18 million + views on Youtube. If Shinedown hits a city near you, best buy a ticket before they sell out!


Slipknot has earned a reputation over the years for being some crazy guys on stage, using their instruments wildly, but still staying true to their music and what it means to them and their fans. On Saturday night I learned just why. Luckily I was given the great opportunity of photographing Slipknot which means I’m up close and personal with the band than most fans can get. As I was photographing the band I was thinking about how to describe this large group of guys who wear masks, run around a stage, have fire in the background, multiple sets of instruments, and play heavy music for their fans and I’ve come to the conclusion they’re similar to a circus on fire. This band puts on a great performance for the audience and fans love the energy the band gives off. Slipknot played songs from their albums .5: The Gray Chapter, Iowa, All Hope Is Gone, Slipknot and Volume 3: The Subliminal Verses. The bands most popular songs were Psychosocial, The Devil In I, Duality and Spit It Out.

Suicidal Tendencies:

Suicidal Tendencies opened up with You Can’t Bring Me Down and got the crowd involved immediately by saying ”Sacramento I wanna hear you say you can’t bring me down!”. The band chanted we are ST a couple of times and screamed “Aftershock make some fucking noise!” The band also played Institutionalized which had the crowd going nuts as well as for Subliminal. Despite being around since 1981 this band has yet to slow down when it comes to talent and energy. You won’t want to miss the fathers of crossover thrash on upcoming dates so make sure to keep an eye out!

Day 2:

All Time Low:

All Time Low has been known for their popular songs such as Dear Maria Count Me In, Remembering Sunday & most recently Somethings Gotta Give. But as good as those songs are they aren’t the only reason fans return to All Time Low shows. The reason I think fans return and the reason I’ll be coming to the next All Time Low show is because ATL promotes having a fun time while they play and lets be honest who doesn’t want to? The band is led by lead singer and rhythm guitarist Alex Gaskarth who created the band with lead guitarist Jack Barakat, bassist Zack Merrick and drummer Rian Dawson back in 2003. The band played Kicking & Screaming to kick off their set followed by Lost in Stereo and A Love Like War. During Lost In Stereo Barakat gave his guitar to a photographer in the photo pit as he jumped down and continued to play while greeting fans who were lined up against the barricade. The band finished their set off strong by playing Weightless, Somethings Gotta Give and Dear Maria Count Me In.

Coheed and Cambria:

Coheed and Cambria is an amazing progressive rock band from New York formed by Claudio Sanchez who does lead vocals and guitar for the band. Fans of the band are known as “Children Of The Fence” which ties into the bands lyrical ideas. Caludio makes his music based off of a science fiction story called Armory Wars. The bands set list consisted of Island, No World For Tomorrow, Here To Mars, Ten Speed, Welcome Home and a few others. If you get a chance to see this band live be prepared for some mind blowing instrumentals, wild hair from Claudio, and a lot of energy from the members!


Deftones was a phenomenal act to watch live. Chino Moreno was jumping around stage like a bounce house, Stephen Carpenter was playing guitar while his hair was flying in every direction possible, bassist Sergio Vega was following alongside Chino jumping and smiling and last but not least the band has Abe Cunningham pounding away at the drums while the lights play to his every hit. The band played 13 songs in total some which consisted of Be Quiet and Drive, Digital Bath, Tempest, Passenger and closing out the set with Chino’s son Jakobe playing Engine No. 9.

Faith No More:

Faith No More is a metal band that was formed in 1981 and lasted until 1998 due to side projects. The band came back in 2009 however and began to play shows and record their new album that was released last May titled Sol Invictus. The band started their fourteen song set with Motherfucker which was chosen as their single for Sol Invictus. The band also played Be Aggressive, Evidence, Sunny Side Up, Easy, Separation, Ashes to Ashes and more. Dressed in all white and hollowing vocals and keys the band intrigued the mass of fans.


Issues is another great example of a band who caught on with fans and had a quick rise to popularity. Issues played a great set and displayed tons of energy for the crowd and the crowd gave it right back by clapping, cheering and jumping and even a gentleman in a wheel chair crowd surfed to the front. Bass player Cory Ferris had a lot of fun head banging and making tons of facial expressions to the fans in the crowd. The band played some fan favorite songs such as Hooligans, Never Lose Your Flames and The Realest. This band has only released their self-titled album so far but with their chemistry I have no doubt there is more great work to come from these gentleman.

Jane’s Addiction:

Jane’s Addiction played a 9 song set with songs such as Stop!, Mountain Song, Been Caught Stealing, Whores & closing the set with Jane Says. During the song Whore Jane’s Addiction had dancers hanging from their skin by hooks which was an eye opener for most of the crowd who was unfamiliar with the scene but it only caught the crowds eye more when a unfortunate situation occurred and one of the dancers got stuck for a couple of extra minutes. While many were impressed with Dave Navarro’s guitar skills throughout the set it was said that the lead singer Perry Farrell let the crowd down with his vocals. Nonetheless Jane’s Addiction still had a kick ass set and I’m looking forward to catching them at a future show.

Neck Deep:

Neck Deep has risen to popularity in the pop punk music scene since the bands formation in 2012. Fresh off the Vans Warped Tour Neck Deep hopped onto tour with All Time Low & Sleeping With Sirens. All three bands were nice enough to stop by and play a set at Aftershock and Neck Deep despite playing in the early afternoon and burning heat played a solid set and gave the crowd good vibes. The band started off the set with Citizens of Earth fresh off their new album Life’s Not Out To Get You. The band plays with a high energy and shows the crowd what a pop punk show is truly like. Strong vocals, meaningful lyrics, and talent across all members. The band slowed the set down with A Part Of Me in which fans from the early bird crowd sung along with lead singer Ben Barlow to the acoustic tune. The band finished off their short seven song set with What Did You Expect? from the bands album Wishful Thinking.

One Ok Rock:

One Ok Rock is a Japanese rock band that was formed in 2005. Interestingly the band got its name from the time One o clock which is when the band used to practice. One Ok Rock played for their first time in the states last year at Knotfest. This band not only has talent but they also melt the fans faces off with the high energy as the bass player ran from side to side of the stage and passion the band has from the music.

Sleeping With Sirens:

Sleeping With Sirens have started to grow on me over the years because they can’t do wrong when it comes to performance, music, or looking good in photos. When SWS plays they play with a high energy that you can’t find anywhere else. They run like teenagers, sing like broken lovers, and rock like rockstars. When it comes to the band’s music lead singer Kellin Quinn has sung a series of successful acoustic songs as well as rock songs. Every lyric is graceful and comes off his tongue smoothly. The rest of the band plays perfectly and jumps in sync with the crowd to feed their fans energy. Two of the songs that the band played were Congratulations and We Do What We Want. The bands stage was beautifully decorated with their logo spread out in huge block lettering and a led lighting screen directly behind them. You can catch Sleeping With Sirens with All Time Low and Neck Deep currently on The Future Hearts Tour.

Stone Temple Pilots:

Sunday was my first time seeing Stone Temple Pilots and they did nothing but come into Sacramento and bring fans some great hard rock music and fans loved every second of it. The band played many classics such as Big Bang Baby, Big Empty, Yesterday, Vaseline and Plush. Before the 9th song of the set lead singer Chester Bennington (best known for his work in Linkin Park) exclaimed “if you know the words to this next song sing along” as the band began to play Interstate Love Song. STP allowed the fans to choose the final song as they had run out of time for their set and the fans chose Dead and Bloated! Each gentleman brought a classful style to the stage, but made sure to rock their hearts out.


This was my second time seeing YelaWolf, but my first time seeing YelaWolf without a drummer. Despite not having a drummer YelaWolf still played a strong set with DJ Klever and his guitarist. The songs YelaWolf played consisted of Outer Space, Whisky In A Bottle, Marijuana, and most popular Till Its Gone. YelaWolfs smooth rap style and the bands style had fans singing along and smiling while the band performed.

*All setlists provided by Setlistfm.com*