Alabama Shakes + Kurt Vile & The Violators @ Deer Lake Park – May 28th 2016

Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes at Deer Lake Park on May 28th 2016

Deer Lake Park in Burnaby, British Columbia was sopping wet on Saturday, but that didn’t stop a music-hungry horde from storming the grounds to enjoy some beautiful music.

Opening the show was Philly-bred singer-songwriter Kurt Vile and his band The Violators.

The band took over the stage and slowly warmed up the crowd from their end-of-day cloud. Kurt’s guitar work was hypnotic and effortless, he stood before us with his long lock shrouding his face.

Kurt Vile at Deer Lake Park on May 28th 2016

Kurt Vile at Deer Lake Park on May 28th 2016

By the end of their set they had commanded the full attention of those in attendance. The people liked what they heard, and reciprocated their appreciation with a hearty round of cheers as the band left the stage.

It didn’t take long for the audience to start clambering for another round of songs.

After a short wait, the Alabama Shakes walked on to the stage under a loud round of applause. After a few pleasantries, the band was off.

Watching Brittany with her signature baby blue Gibson in-hand as she sang out the lyrics to Hold On and Gimme All Your Love was just an absolute pleasure.

The air was just cold enough that you could see the vapor of her breath escaping her lips as the lyrics poured poetically from her.

The band proved why they were deserving of their Grammy win this year. They are what music should be. They are not up there pretending to be something, or trying to make a statement. They are a conduit for the music, and they let it flow through them.

Thank you to the Alabama Shakes and to Kurt Vile and the Violators for helping us shake loose from recent stint of cloudy, wet days.

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