Andy Grammer performing at The Vogue Theatre in Vancouver, BC on March 20th 2018
Andy Grammer performing at The Vogue Theatre in Vancouver, BC on March 20th 2018

Live Review: Andy Grammer + James TW @ The Vogue Theatre, Vancouver – March 20th 2018

As I wake up this morning and quickly check my facebook notifications before writing this article. Facebook decided to remind me that I saw Andy Grammer perform at the Summit Music Hall in Denver, Colorado three years ago.

Andy Grammer is a singer-songwriter who is originally from Los Angeles, California. I have been listening to his music for years, so I knew that his concert last night would be the best one yet.

The last time he was in Vancouver he performed at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. He opened for the artists Train and Mat Kearney. This also happened to benefit me and his career at the same time. Andy was just starting out his career and he was for sure not well known at this point. Andy was the opening act on tour, therefore, he had a small tour crew. So, his crew always needed some extra help at the concerts. His team posted on social media a few days before the show requesting fans to email if they are available to help out with merchandise or to be an email recruiter. This was one of the first opportunities that inspired me to pursue a career in the music business.

After the job was done, I was able to meet with him and this was when I knew I would want to be someone who continues to watch him grow as an artist and to see if his career continues to go far.

Last night at the Vogue Theatre, Andy was the headliner and he brought along on tour with him a British singer-songwriter James TW who had performed a 30-minute acoustic set.

James TW performing at The Vogue Theatre in Vancouver, BC on March 20th 2018

Before Andy’s set started, I talked to some girls who were a little familiar with his music due to seeing him perform at a State Fair in Minnesota a few years back. One of her favorite songs of Andy’s was “Crazy Beautiful”, which they saw him perform at that State Fair. She is currently a student at UBC in the Forestry program. When she found out that Andy was coming to Vancouver she said that knew that she needed to purchase tickets right away.

Andy does not have a large following in Canada yet, but the 300-400 fans who saw his performance at the Vogue last evening had the chance to witness exactly why people should get to know his music and his personality.

You will hear his music along with the other top 40 artists on the radio in the United States quite often. Mr. Grammer worked hard to get to where his career is today. He originally started out back in 2008 as a busker along the streets of Los Angeles.

During his performance, Andy took the time to describe almost every song that he performed. He explained why he chose to write this album The Good Parts and how these songs gave him the ideas he needed to make this album be the one that impacts his audiences the most. Andy mentioned, that “everyone deals with rough patches in their life but we always need little reminders that it’s going to be all good.”

The theme for last night was not just about a party. In the beginning of his set, after he performed the song “85” a prearranged marriage proposal took place in the crowd, by attendees Matthew and Teal. This gave an “awe” moment for the audience and as Andy serenaded the couple, Teal said yes and the mood of the concert changed to the idea of being in love with your significant other.

Andy Grammer performs for a couple proposing at his show at The Vogue Theatre in Vancouver, BC on March 20th 2018

The L.A. singer most recently became a father and he spoke about his daughter Louise, about how before she came into this world it was such an exciting moment for him and his wife. His song “Spaceship” and “Always” describes the couple patiently waiting to become parents as the pending birth loomed. “Keep Your Head Up” and “Working on It” describe that “we all have voices and we are all trying”. “Keep Your Head Up” describes Andy’s career in the beginning of getting started as a musician. He said that one day when he was trying to write a song, he was listening to the radio and Taylor Swift’s song 22 was on the radio and the lyric “I am feeling kind of twenty-two” did not work for him exactly. This was when he decided to write a song about being a thirty-two-year-old “grown-ass man”.

His songs “Give Love” and “Fresh Eyes” were written to describe his relationship with his wife and how long they have been together. “Fresh Eyes” has had a successful 250 million views, which has made it his sixth single, certified as gold. The rest of his set was enjoyed by the crowd, Andy and his supporting musicians created an atmosphere and sound that sent chills through the venue.

Andy Grammer performs at The Vogue Theatre in Vancouver, BC on March 20th 2018

“The Good Parts” was his last song and this song actually made me feel a bit emotional due to some personal experiences I have dealt with the last year. This song is about how sometimes it can hurt when something has been said and it’s not what we want to hear. The truth can hurt but it is important to be honest. We are always wanting to hear the good parts instead of the bad. This was a reflection on some decisions I hade made.

Andy made note about how impressed he was by how many people showed up to the Vogue. Therefore, he decided that he wanted to meet everyone after the show. He didn’t care how long it was going to take.

After that moment, I knew he was an artist that would never disappoint, he would always be appreciative of his fans.

Full setlist
Setlist fo Andy Grammer performing at The Vogue Theatre in Vancouver, BC on March 20th 2018

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