Autograf @ The Mod Club - October 13th 2016
Autograf @ The Mod Club - October 13th 2016

Autograf @ The Mod Club – October 13th 2016

On Thursday October 13, Goldroom and Autograf graced The Mod Club on their dual North American tour.

The Mod Club proved to be the essential venue for the concert. Its ambience contributed to the positive atmosphere with its glistening crystal chandeliers, scarlet red curtains and wide-open dance floor.

After Goldroom finished spinning some deep beats, Autograf appeared onstage just a couple of minutes past 11PM.

The trio opened with their new hit single ‘Future Sauce’, which got the crowd excited in preparation for the rest of the night’s set. Autograf made sure to thank all of their fans for being there that night and expressed how honoured they were to be playing a show in Toronto.

After these sentiments, the group continued with the classic ‘Don’t Worry’, a remix of ‘Burning Gold’ by Christina Perry, ‘Heartbeat’, ‘Dream’ and a remix of ‘I Could Be Down On It’ by DJ 1Love.

Each member of Autograf played an instrument onstage, most notably the keyboard and drums. This performance was aesthetically pleasing, however some of the sounds in the songs did not appear to match up with the instrumentals, which was disappointing for some fans.

Autograf dropped two different versions of the famous ‘Metaphysical’ – the first being the original song and the second being a deeper, more well-mixed track.

The group also played remixes of ‘Superstition’ by Stevie Wonder, ‘Wildfire’ by Seafret, ‘For The Love’ by GRiZ featuring Talib Kweli, and ‘Stay’ by Jakoban and D!Avolo featuring Gaby Henshaw.

Autograf also surprisingly played two unreleased songs called ‘Gravity’ and ‘Nobody Knows’. The group explained onstage that ‘Nobody Knows’ is a track that is dedicated to finding yourself as a person. It included one of the group members playing a bongo drum – a unique facet that definitely contributed to the performance.

At the end of the show, Autograf made sure to acknowledge all of their fans by doing a meet-and-greet and handing out free posters. The audience was able to get up-close and personal with the DJ’s, which further added to the positive vibes of the show.

Despite Autrograf’s stellar performance, the concert itself was rather short and only lasted one hour. This paired with the mismatched instrumentals detracted from the show’s positive experience.

Overall, Goldroom and Autrograf offered concert-goers a wonderful night of dancing. A longer show and synched instrumentals would have improved the experience, however the artists still aimed to please on Thursday October 13.

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