Live Review: Band Of Skulls; Powerful Persuasion

Saturday night was an explosion of musical passion. Taking the entire location over were the UK rockers Band Of Skulls. With a dedication to deliver this band blew the roof off of Venue. It was a great night, and the people in attendance were lucky to have witnessed such awe inspiring spirit.

Once through the glass doors, the feint smell of sweat and liquor filters through your nose. Venue is a clean and rather upscale location for bands to play, and gives you that cozy feel. The first thing to note was the extreme variation in the concert goers; its nice to see such a diverse draw. As the mass amounted around the stage, the previously faded lights extinguished; darkness swallowed the room.

Filtering feverishly to the wooden plateau were the so much talked about Band Of Skulls. Russell on vocals, Emma on bass and Matt on drums, stomp to the stage with a hybrid style halfway between the Runaways and the Black Crowes. The reflections off their vintage guitars sent beams of light through the club. Clambering on the floor the eager aggregation murmured for music. They would not be disappointed.

Russell and crew performed and masterful set, with energy, sentiment and drive. His dexterous digits danced down the fretboard. A swooning magic emitted to the mass and had them swaying like cobras to the sound. With a commitment to his guitar he made it sing gracefully. Emma with a tough edge, slapped the bass around like it was her jailhouse bitch. Her aggressive prowl on the stage gives her a sexy bad girl appeal. Matt hit those skins with the ferocity of an ape. Watching him play is a real treat, with his power and technical prowess.

The set was short, only playing for a little over an hour. The shining moment was the the lively presentment of the song Blood. The way they intermingled the bass and the drums while overlaying a sexy guitar perfection brought the mob to their knees. Band of Skulls is an embodiment of music. To see them play is a thing of pure beauty.

Happy Concerting

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