Live Review: Bear Grillz @ Canopy Club – May 2nd 2019

Usually around this time in early May, colleges throughout the country are getting ready for finals. That didn’t stop students at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana to see one of the emerging EDM DJs perform at The Canopy Club. EDM producer and DJ Bear Grillz made a stop in Urbana, Illinois on his “Demons” tour. The opener was a local Dj by the name of Genz had the crowd in his hands with his mixing and songs ranging from artists like Post Malone, House Of Pain, Ookay, and other artists. The Canopy Club is a small intimate type of venue and really get to see the artist up close and personal. The lighting in there was very basic and mellow inside the Canopy Club. It was one of those local venues where if you’re not a big fan of large venues and still get the same performance from great artists then the Canopy Club is a place I would go to.

His set was about a hour and a half and the crowd enjoyed the whole set. He wasn’t really a talker but he let the music speak for itself. Once Bear Grillz came out and he put on the mask, everyone rushed to the front of the stage with their phones to get a shot of his signature bear mask that lights up. His stage set up was nothing really special to see.

Either seeing LED boards and playing a graphic as you would see at most Edm shows is usually the case. Bear Grillz energy through the set was very high and the fans in the audience matched that. It was something where you had to be if you wanted see to the head banging, rail breaking, heavy bass music that hits you hard. He played a lot of artists songs then started to play his songs toward the end of his show. He left his mark on the Canopy Club and he enjoyed performing down there. He will continue his tour throughout the month of May and possibly have some dates for a music festival.

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