Live Review: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Kills It

Last night was burning with the sounds of rock. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club were the white hot flame, with The Whigs being the initial ember. Both their individual sets were jaw dropping performances. The sound quality was amazing, the lighting reflective of every song and the artists were engulfed in the music. Last night was one of the most well rounded music experiences possible.

The Whigs took to the stage a little late, but the wait was worth it. Their mixture of grunge and post-punk stylings bring a tasty musical treat to feast on. Every song they played beamed with various influences. From Smiths guitar riffs, Nirvana vocal segments or Beatles undertones; they wear their mentors proud on each song. The intensity the entire three piece played with immediately engaged the crowd. Tim, on bass, walked to the front of the stage during the first song, and had the audience clapping in unison within seconds. Parker, the lead singer, was possessed by the music the entire set. His twitchy, jerky movements and his lanky legs darting around the stage, made for an awesome display. Julian, on drums, was a madman. His long locks lunging with every strike of his arms.

The entire performance was perfectly executed. The main reason was because it was not a performance. It was not a phony attempt to perform, it was pure. The emotion of each song and the passion of the music flowed through their bodies and into the fans below. The sincerity of the display was like a gift. True performances are very rare, but The Whigs are that rare band. Seeing them is a thing of beauty, and brings a feeling of seeing something new being brought to the world. The Whigs are everything good about new music.[singlepic id=1140 w=320 h=240 float=right]

During the moments between bands, the floor swelled with people. Swarming like locusts, they congregated quickly before the stage. The crowd had a very different feel to most. A majority of the attendees were older, and not of the normal concert type. It was refreshing to see an original crowd come out to a show. It felt like there was more excitement than usual. The almost virginity of the group had people on pins and needles waiting on those lights to drop and that band to take the stage.

[singlepic id=1136 w=320 h=240 float=left]Soon the lights did drop and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club took the stage. The three piece ensemble leapt into an amazing show. The sound was pure and raw, and the members were intense. Peters voice was rough with an emotional depth. The blues undertones of every song, pouring through him with a sense of effortlessness. The music was in control and used the band like its puppets. Robert, the bassist, was launched around the stage by the music. His body spasming with the rhythm in an almost Sex Pistol Sid’ish style.

Again this band like The Whigs, is pure and driven only by the music. Their desire for emotional release through this art form, is a blessing on the listeners. The sound of this group live, blows every album they have released off the wall. Each album is amazing in its own right, but compared to their live energy, their is no comparison. They bring an explosion to the stage. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is the music that concert goers crave. People at their shows are left satisfied and left feeling like this is a concert to hold others to in comparison; it was spectacular. In the end of the night, some people sat awe struck, almost in disbelief they had just seen such a show.[singlepic id=1124 w=320 h=240 float=right]

The combination of both bands was a perfect pairing. Each band complimented the other in the perfect ways. Having The Whigs open the spark to the show, had the crowd up and running. Once the flame that is Black Rebel Motorcycle Club burst to the stage, the crowd exploded. You could not ask for a better lineup.

[singlepic id=1127 w=320 h=240 float=left]All in all this was one of the most amazing musical experiences one could have. Any time one of these bands comes to your area, get off your couch and out of that chair and buy a ticket. One day you will be able to look back and remember with pride, having seen these two powerhouses of purity. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is the basis for what a great headliner needs to captivate a musical evening. The Whigs are the picture of what an relatively unknown band needs to explode on to the seen.

Set List
War Machine
Red Eyes
Love Burns
Bad Blood
Ain’t No

Sex Barrell

Steal A Ride

Happy Concerting

Jamie Taylor
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Photographs by Jamie Taylor

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