Brandon Flowers; The Killer Solo

Standing, out in the crowd at the Commodore Ballroom last night, it is easy to say that Brandon Flowers is one of the most charismatic front men of our generation. Fran Healey, of Travis fame, opened the show, getting the audience into the right mood. Then Mr.Flowers came out and stole the night away. It was a powerful yet touching performance, easily one of the top 5 shows at the famous venue through all of 2010.

From the get go it was panning out to be a very laid back evening. The bars were not busy, the majority of those in attendance were sitting and a good portion were over thirty; all this add up to calm concert atmosphere.

Fran Healey coolly strutted out to the forefront with his acoustic guitar. With a few humble words, he began strumming away into what would be a modest performance. After the first few songs, it was easy to see why Brandon had selected him to open the show. He has a powerful rasp, his poetic verses are mesmerizing and he is able to connect with the flock through his funny stage banter.

Through out the performance, he kept reiterating that his name was Fran Healey. Going on about how management had asked that he ensure that people remember him. The only issue with this, is it gets annoying really quickly, and as such, although people were having a great time and completely absorbed into the presentation, they were put off by his constant self name dropping.

After a few minutes, as the swarm buzzed about refilling drinks and stretching there legs, it was time for the main act. The lights were erased by the darkness, and the backing band took position. A few steps behind a thin figure emerged from the curtain, the Killers front man looking healthy and eager. You knew from the look on his face this was going to be a great show.

Perched before the eager audience, Mr.Flowers started into a stellar set. With the first song he had the entire congregation wrapped around his little finger. Grinning from ear to ear and stalking the stage with confidence and charisma, he poured it on. Delving into a delicious little cover of Kim Carnes’ Bette Davis Eyes, which had the majority of the faction stumble through mouthing the words to the lost relic. The epic song of the night, the most triumphant display of emotion and vulnerability was during the song Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas. It was so dramatically presented and he sat clung to his mic stand, looking to actually be in pain.

In prior articles we have portrayed Brandon Flowers as being a piece of the Killers puzzle. Last night he proved, he is the entire puzzle, the whole enchilada. Every song seemed to have a new energy about it, almost a complete retake on the vocals. Taking away the rest of the band, has allowed this front man to become a true shining star. It has given him the creative room needed to really take his talent for a walk across that stage. Who knows if The Killers will ever play together. They have not broken up, but this exhibition has brought forth a whole new side. Brandon Flowers is killer on his own.

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