Bryan Adams; True Heart and Soul

Bryan Adams at the PNE 100th anniversary at Empire Field Stadium

Today the sun was shining, the smiles were plentiful and Bryan Adams played a stellar show. The Beach Boys opened the set, and had the whole of Empire Field Stadium swinging in time. This was a performance to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the PNE and as such the audience of varied and excited. This was a family day full of good times and great music.

The Beach Boys took the stage and warmed their guitars. The antsy audience, began to buzz as the feint sounds of music started to pour through the air. Jumping into their set it was a lip sync coverage of all the greats. Kokomo, Help Me Rhonda and Barbara Anne were among some of the goodies dished out. Their vocals were mediocre but it didn’t matter when heard over the backing track. They had the whole audience swinging and dancing, it was actually quite amazing. The years have been kind to this group. Although missing most of the original lineup, they still belt out the oldies with gusto and pride. They brought grins to all those in attendance.

After a brief hiatus allowing the mass to replenish their beer, Mr.Adams appeared on the stage. With no introduction he lept into a strong set. Starting off with One Night Love Affair, his vocals were a little rusty and needed some dusting off. After a quick clearing of his throat the vocals were strong and he powered through the song. Blasting the audience with a little dirty blues guitar insert to highlight the piece. Pushing through they continued to play into the song Somebody. The elation of the crowd overflowed and soon most of the general admission floor was shaking and grooving with the beat. Adams and his band were tight and able to bring a certain energy to the set. Their excitement was obvious and it spread like wildfire through the horde below.

Here I Am came ringing through the speakers. The stadium was locked in close with the band when suddenly a bit of feedback sent a shocking screech through the air. It took everyone back, and halted that connection for a few minutes. The local boy kept on trucking and attacked the rest of the song with hootspa, reeling the onlookers back into his grasp. Next up How Do Ya Feel Tonight came pouring forth. The song took a little turn and again the throat of Adams broke several times. It wasn’t too obvious but enough that you could tell he was put off by it. They kept their heads up and saw the light at the end of the tunnel, as they brought the finish of the song back to perfection.

Throughout the show, Bryan switched among several great guitars. He plays with a various epiphones, finished in Amber, anther Golden Brown and the last one a large flake metalic Orange; beautiful pieces. His other staples were a sunburst Fender and what looked like an acoustic Martin. His selection was a pure cream of the crop and each one was matched to its own song. Styled to accompany whatever piece they were setup for.

During a song a near the end of the set, the lead singer brought a member of the audience on the stage to sing a duet. The choice of song was Baby When You’re Gone, and it made for a great time. The fan on stage did not have a perfect voice but she didnt care. She sang her heart out and loved every minute of it. The rest of the female portion was in awe and quite jealous, per the comments being shouted during the performance. Soon enough they were care free again and singing with love and desire.

Bryan Adams brought a wonderful day to the beautiful crowd at Empire Field Stadium. His ability to connect with his audience was uncanny. When he dove into songs like Summer of ’69, Cuts Like A Knife and Everything I Do, the entire stadium was wrapped around his finger. He is a true local hero and it was a perfect fit to commemorate this momentous occasion. The sun kissed people then filtered out the metal gates, the plastic cups line the ground of the stadium. Grinning from ear to ear, the pleasant show, brought happiness to all.

Set List
One Night Love Affair
Here I Am
How Do Ya Feel Tonight
Can’t Stop This Thing
Coming Home
Hearts On Fire
Let’s Make A Night To Remember
Kids Wanna Rock
18 Till I Die
Back To You
Summer of ’69
Everything I Do
Cuts Like A Knife
It’s Only Love
Please Forgive Me
Baby When You’re Gone
The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You
??? (not sure missed this song)

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