Chris Stapleton @ Rogers Arena - March 27th 2017
Chris Stapleton @ Rogers Arena - March 27th 2017

Live Review: Chris Stapleton @ Rogers Arena, Vancouver – March 27th 2017

Monday night saw American singer/songwriter Chris Stapleton bring his current tour to Rogers Arena in Vancouver, BC.

Once one of Nashville’s best-kept secrets, Stapleton has been dominating the music industry over the past couple of years since the release of his 2015 solo album Traveller.

Chris walked on stage under a veil of darkness. Slowly, a series of multicolored lights illuminated revealing the man and his band.

After a quick greeting to the crowd, the musicians delved into “Might as Well Get Stoned”. The entire venue joined along in a sing song at the first lyric.

As Mr. Stapleton’s vocals bellowed, it eerily felt like his voice was too big for the 18,000+ capacity arena, something that cannot be said for many artists.

I tried searching online for the names of the members of his band but to no avail. They were such a tight and consistent group. Backing the vocals with a depth of talent and lining the whole set in a booming wall instrumental marvelousness.

The stage setup was pretty minimal for an arena show. There was a bevy of lights, a couple of screens, and the musicians stood beneath a large metal curved structure but aside from that, it was all about focusing on the music.

The crowd just stood and stared at the stage as the soulful tunes flowed into their ears.

Grins and swaying were in abundance.

Every song was well received, but the top three songs of the night had to be “Traveller”, “Nobody to Blame” and “Tennessee Whisky”. The latter being one of the final songs of the set, during which, people sang, people raised their beers/lighters, people threw their arms around their neighbors to rock in time; it was a truly touching moment.

If you haven’t heard “Tennessee Whisky” before, then take it for a spin right here.

I walked out of the venue with an even greater appreciation for Chris Stapleton than I had walked in with. His album is wonderful but it pales in comparison to his delivery in a live scenario. The slight cracking in his voice as his powers out these passionate lyrics.

He is worth your time, go forth and spend some time getting to know him.

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