Cold War Kids @ Commodore Ballroom – October 13th 2016

Cold War Kids @ The Vogue Theatre - October 13th 2016

On October 13, Cold War Kids played at the Commodore Ballroom. I was already pretty excited about the concert when someone informed me that CWK are awesome-sauce live. After seeing them that night, I can tell you that, yes, they totally are.

When it was finally their time, the group came out to a packed house with a pumped up crowd. They started with a slightly slower paced “Don’t Let Your Love Grow Away”, then switched it up to a faster “All This Could Be Yours”, off their newest album Hold My Home. They played a good mix of old and newer songs, including some major crowd-pleasers, such as “Miracle Mile”, “Hang Me Up To Dry”, “Audience of One”, and “First”.

Listening to CWK’s set, you really got to experience how far they’ve come as a band and how much they’ve grown together; as each song comes from a different era of who they are. From start to finish, regardless of the song, there was so much energy from the group. You could really feel how much they love the music they create and how much they love sharing it.

Cold War Kids @ The Vogue Theatre - October 13th 2016

Throughout the entire concert, I also couldn’t help but notice how truly talented the group is; the members were often switching out their own instruments for something different. As well, I was impressed by the band’s vocal harmonies, which seemed to be much more prominent live than on the albums. As a group, they’re also not afraid to stray from the album version of a song – they have fun with them.

CWK is a group that kind of sneaks up and surprises you. You hear them on the radio and they’re good, so you get into them. Maybe you buy an album or two, and then finally make it out to a concert. But then, as you’re watching them, you realize a couple things. You realize how unique their vocals are and how interesting their lyrics are and you wonder where they’ve been your whole life. Maybe that’s just me, but it was a nice little surprise nonetheless.

All in all, the concert was amazing. The next time they play in Van City, I’ll be there.

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