Britney Spears @ GM Place – April 9th 2009


An evening of crazy circus performers, underdressed women and a tantrum-throwing spoiled star. That is pretty much the three main points I will take away from this adventure. This concert was opened with the Pussycat Dolls, who actually put on a great performance. They are musically obsolete and washed out, but there stage show was interesting and kept the attention. With 5 scantly clad woman dancing around provocatively its hard to look away. The style of this group is more of a look and a style than a sound. What they bring is a style and flavor to the mix that people want to attain and they demonstrated that well on this fateful night.

Playing a bevy of their, what I would assume were, hits. The crowd was attentive and hanging off their every whim. Lights of various colors were flashing across the audience, which meant you didn’t have to have rhythm at all, the lights instructed you with a visual beat. The lead singer is truly the only one with any vocal talent and showed it a few times hitting some insane notes and taking the lyrics for a little walk. All in all this band was an interesting opener. Again I am new to this whole realm of music and did not know what to expect, but was glad to spend an hour looking at this group of sexy ladies in sequin bustiers and black booty shorts.

After about a twenty minute hiatus we were finally graced with the main act. Britneys act actually started with a large circular video screen displaying an opening monologue by Perez Hilton. When this dissipated we were finally graced with a string of circus acts displaying many superhuman abilities. This made for great entertainment, as I didn’t have to have any interest in Britneys music to actually enjoy it. Finally Britney took the stage, and the curtain rose and she was present. Pretty much this describes her entire show for the first half. Miss Spears pretty much walked around the stage while the entourage of dancers and performers worked their asses off. Her lacklustre performance was noticed by the audience right away and got worse and worse with every song. The vocals were obviously from tracks and she was lip syncing, you could tell because at times she would pant into the microphone as she was supposedly singing a lyric, it was a an impossibility.

In the middle of the show the lights went down and didn’t come back up. After about 25 minutes a voice came over the house system and explained that Miss Spears and the show would not take the stage until the smoke in the arena cleared. They blamed this on people in audience smoking in the crowd. But what they forgot to mention was the fact that Britneys act was full of mist and fog machines which filled the house with the thick white stuff. They literally stalled for 35 minutes blaming it on people smoking. It was terrible, and the reality of it was Miss Spears was lackluster and low energy, and she needed a rest of something to pick her up. And sure enough when that music started and she came out for a second time, she was chalk full of energy and pep, way more than the first half.

The truly amazing thing was for the last 15 minutes of that hiatus, people were booing and chanting things about Britney. The crowd was angry and chanting things like Bullshit and Britney Sucks. But when she took the stage people cheered and applauded, very blind sheep these ones. None the less, it was on with the show. The second half was more energetic but after about 4 songs the lead maiden was low on energy again and was just zombified walking around the stage. She was completely uninteresting and made it look like she wanted to be anywhere else but at that show.

THe circus acts and the opening act made this show somewhat worth while, but I feel bad for the crowd. It was mostly women in their early twenties dressed to the nines and wanting to have a great night out with the girls. And what they got was a completely bland show by the leading lady which for a lot of the pretty ladies present made for a downer of an evening. The one thing I will say though, is when you get 20,000 young women in GM Place, and they all scream, it is mind numbing. I have never heard such a loud crowd in my entire life. But it was just screaming, when Britney took the stage the shriek from the crowd made my head ring and my brain hurt. But it was great to see people that excited for a live act. I have little to no prejudice for music, but this was not a music show. This was a DJ spinning some music, a dolled up spoiled brat lip syncing and a bunch of circus performances. This to me was like live theater as oppose to a music concert.

My final verdict on this is poor, even though I tried to like the music and get into the vibe, i couldn’t. The music was pretty good but the sound system was terrible, it was cracking and popping. There was a ton of feedback from the mic’s and the vocal tracks were a bit faded at times. The lighting and the performance was top notch, and very entertaining. Over all the show was a dud for me, I couldn’t get into what they were trying to put out there and I found myself bored and playing with my phone at times. I wouldn’t recommend her to anyone, this was a terrible performance and deserves no encore, thankfully she dint grace us with one so it all worked out.

Happy Concerting

Jamie Taylor

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