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motorhead lemmy kilmister vogue theatre 2009

Mammoth men and glammed up greaser girls gathered in the Vogue Theatre last night. Motörhead rocked through their set with an intense delivery. Lemmy powered out the lyrics to the metal head melodies, with sheer force. Stirring before the rock god was the fanatic mass of testosterone driven mayhem. Refreshing brew were consumed, merchandise flew from the shelves and a few fists were thrown. To summarize the event, I would say it was a perfect night for a metal fan in the city last night.

From the first moment I arrived at the venue, an undeniable theme was presenting itself. A gathering of metal fans, is an unchanging entity, and this night was no different. A collection of greasers, punks, rockabilly and bikers, always fill the majority. With leather, denim, and the sporting of symbols of their metal gods; this is the typical presentation. When this type of groups congregates the outcome is always intense. This night was over the top, the crowd was eager; Lemmy is the supreme lord of metal.

The Vogue is a rundown venue. An old theatre, which is in desperate need of repair. Strangely enough this makes the perfect backdrop for this type of show. The location seemed a little worse for wear, but this added to the effect. Seats are torn, the floor adheres to your shoes, and everything has a faint odor attached to it. With a little TLC this venue could be a great destination for bands to play; until then it sits in the lower levels of venue hell.

The audience was impatient from the get go. Every passing second until Motörhead invaded the stage, was fuel for the fire. Finally the darkness coated the crowd, and Lemmy stormed up to his mic. Intense animalistic howls of joy flowed from the mouths of the metal disciples. Before them stood their lord and savior. Immediately Lemmy dove into his set head first. His voice is gritty, ripping the still air to shreds.

Lemmy and crew set that stage ablaze last night. They had the crowd wrapped around their pinky; unable to mess the show up if they tried. To look at the show from an audiophile perspective would show many soft spots. This is not the way to view such a show, this is not why metal is alive and growing. Metal is about the power, the emotion, and the ability to take you out of your life, and bash you in the face. Lemmy’s delivery is intense and powerful. With such a big name, it’s easy to let the fame build the show up in your mind, then it turns out to be no where near the unattainable bar you set in your mind. This show was the opposite, I went in with little expectation and was completely blown away.

The lighting and stage setup was what I would deem as classic-rock style. The only real things on stage with the band were the giant Marshall stacks. Cone lights were set at the top and side of the stage. Making for a great effect, as no rear lights were shining out over the audience. The minimalist rock setup is a great addition. As it really focused all the crowds energy on the band; Lemmy especially.

The set list was a perfect mixture of classics and lesser known pieces. It was the true meat and potatoes of Motörhead’s existence. Lemmy all in all puts on an amazing show, and brings true rock’n roll to the masses. His powerful chainsaw voice, reaches out and slaps you in the face. Waking you up and making you feel alive and in the moment.

Motörhead doesn’t need my blessing, they don’t need me to sit here and tell you they are worth seeing live. They don’t need anyone doing it, but it’s done all the time. When someone goes out and sees a Motörhead show live, they spend the days following bragging about what they had seen. This is how they are so popular, because they never disappoint. Lemmy brings it all and lays it on the table, rocking you to your core. He is the definition of metal music.

Happy Concerting

Jamie Taylor

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