David Duchovny @ Imperial – October 14th 2017

David Duchovny of X-Files at Imperial in Vancouver, BC on October 14th, 2017

“Spooky” Fox Mulder. Hank Moody. David William Duchovny. In the wide, wide world of personalities, real or affected, these three are amongst the coolest to have ever existed. Duchovny is cooler than an icebox and smoother than a foxtrot; brighter than a burning fire and so damn hot he makes the dark lord Lucifer perspire. He’s a dad-dancing, effortless-romancing, strikingly handsome son-of-a-playwright who is known to look clean, lean and mean in a pair of faded raw-denim jeans.

Like many talented actors who find their niche on television, Duchovny has presented contemplative and nuanced characters that meld his inherent perspectives and qualities with those of the character he is portraying. This has endeared him to fans, many of whom were immediately captivated by the mix of cool confidence and tenderness that he displayed as Fox Mulder in The X-Files. Many TV characters are written to have displays of tenderness and affection, but Duchovny has always seemed to exude such qualities naturally.

David Duchovny of X-Files at Imperial in Vancouver, BC on October 14th, 2017

The massive crowd that gathered at the Imperial to see Mr. Duchovny was there, largely, out of a genuine love for the je ne sais of David Duchovny’s characters (and, for many of us, I’m sure, his interviews and public appearances). In many ways, it felt like a crowd of people who had gathered to support a dear friend. Sure, one of them was wearing a tinfoil hat with up-curled antennae, but every friend group has its zealot. 2017, et cetera. Anyways, onto the main event: the music.

Duchovny is a talented songwriter who is capable of evoking fascinating imagery, such as being weighed down by a Roman coin (Roman Coin), and telling thought-provoking stories, such as praying for the world in the Sacré Coeur church despite feeling a desperate need for holy intervention in one’s own familial sphere (Strangers in the Sacred Heart). While many of his songs deal with complex concepts and emotions, Duchovny kept things light by sharing little stories and quips in between songs and joking, on-and-off throughout the set, about his green musical roots by constantly asking McCusker if each particular song was from their freshman album, Hell or Highwater, or their yet-to-be-released sophomore album, Every Third Thought (available [here, at his Pledge page]( He also commented on his recent foray into rearranging his studio cuts, which are largely electric, into a percussion-less, unplugged live arrangement that retained the cohesiveness of the originals.

David Duchovny of X-Files at Imperial in Vancouver, BC on October 14th, 2017

While Duchovny is not a natural vocalist, he proved himself to be good enough and really, that’s all that counts in the blues. Let’s call it “Horseshoes Theory”. With the spice of his personality and hilarious “Sartre’s Rockstar” dancing, Duchovny proved a more-than-capable, professional frontman. Furthermore, he did himself no disservice in selecting three incredibly talented musicians to collaborate with and accompany him onstage, who he lovingly introduced with Trumpian monikers: “Crooked” Colin Lee on keys;“Fake” Mitch Stewart on bass; and “Leeeettle” Pat McCusker on lead guitar. All three contributed backup vocals throughout and had their own verse on the band’s rendition of The Band’s’ “The Weight”. Duchovny mostly stuck to vocals, leaving the instrumentation in the more-than-capable hands of his deplorable entourage, with the sole exception being his acoustic contribution to the band’s cover of Tom Petty’s “Square One”. The band finished, after about an hour and a half, with a rendition of their most popular song and the titular song from the band’s first album, “Hell or Highwater”.

If you are looking for the best rockin’ blues band in town, Duchovny and co. are probably not your best bet. If you are a fan of David Duchovny and want to see his personality shine up close in-person, I’d highly recommend seeing Duchovny when he rolls through your neck of the woods. Being in such a small, intimate space with one of the celebrities I respect the most was a truly surreal experience.

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