Day 2 at Musink Festival @ OC Fair & Event Center – March 17th 2018

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Coming in hot with auto-tune and bright green hair comes SoundCloud rapper Lil Aaron. Backed with only one guitarist Lil Aaron ran through his popular hits Drugs, Warped Tour, and Hot Topic as well as a few more tracks as he hyped the crowd for headlining act Blink 182. Personally, I wasn’t a huge fan of Lil Aaron’s live performance as I have never gravitated toward this new wave of music with the exception of Post Malone occasionally. However, Travis Barker and the audience really took a liking to Lil Aaron’s performance. As Lil Aaron continues to grow and matures as an artist maybe he will change his style into something for a wider audience to enjoy or may stay on the same track that he’s on which clearly is finding him successful.

The Interrupters came on after Lil Aaron and as always are a breath of fresh air no matter who they play before or after. The Interrupters always come to a punk show well dressed, well mannered, and ready to play some good ol’ ska punk music for the audience. Opening up the show with A Friend Like Me the audience was immediately subdued and began getting the hang of this 2014 classic immediately. The Interrupters played a shorter set then what we would’ve liked to have seen; however, some stage is better than no stage time and we cannot argue with that! As they played all their hits such as the 2016 classic By My Side and 2014 track Family (which features Tim from Rancid) it’s become clearer and clearer why The Interrupters have been so successful over the years. Point one is that the group clearly has no problem making songs that feature a good echo for the audience to pitch into after the band sings their part, and point two is they come off as family oriented people (no pun intended). When they play their live show they make visual and emotional connections with each member of the audience and makes them feel welcomed and at home during their set. Kevin Bivona reassured the audience after announcing the band was from Los Angeles, California he said what he loved about the Musink festival is there is “no room for any racism, sexism, bigotry, everyone out just to enjoy some cars, tattoos, and music! That’s a beautiful thing.” And Indeed it was as they led into Take Back The Power the audience became more and more into their set until they finished off with a loud round of applause and cheering.

Every young teen born above 1993 has had their Good Charlotte phase at one point or another but the nice thing about Good Charlotte, unlike many other 2000’s emo bands, is that Good Charlotte evolved and grew as they became older and smarter musicians and even family men as well. At the age of 14 I remember cranking up Lifestyles.., I Don’t Wanna…Love, The River, I Just Wanna Live, Girls & Boys and so much more. This band was non stop producing one banger after another that spoke to every young teen’s mind who was feeling like an outcast or depressed during those dark times. But as I mentioned the band grew up and later released an album titled Youth Authority which produced another set of hits such as Life Changes, Makeshift Love, and Life Can’t Get Much Better which were all played during their 2018 Musink set. Brandon Saller from Atreyu was happy to lend in on guest vocals during Good Charlotte’s set which was a nice switch up from his regular metal band I’m sure. The best part about Good Charlotte is they’ve been around for a minute and now that they have material that is considered to be older they are able to take bits and parts out of the song to lead into a bigger pop. So before beginning Little Things, lead vocalist Joel Madden copied the exact wording intro from the Little Things music video which received the loudest pop of the night. And similar to The Interrupters Good Charlotte loves to play on crowd interaction so they always ask the audience to clap and do many echoes for the ooooo’s in the songs. Now before closing out their set, it was announced that the Orange County crowd will be seen again as Good Charlotte has another tour that is soon to be announced in the summer/fall of this year so everyone is buzzing about the news.

Blink 182 had no issue selling out Day 2 of Musink as they packed the Hangar from front to back with fans of all ages and backgrounds ready for this rock band to take their place on stage. Opening up with Cynical the entire audience was mesmerized by the three gentlemen on stage and couldn’t be bothered to look anywhere else but the stage. Bassist Mark Hoppus, drummer Travis Barker, and guitarist Matt Skiba tore down the house with a setlist that was compiled of music across the ages leaving the audience with a night to remember. We had our favorite sad songs such as I Miss You and Stay Together For The Kids mixed in with classics like First Date, All The Small Things, and Dammit. But would this be a Blink show without satire music? Of course not! That’s why we have Family Reunion and Built This Pool on the set. Although most of the set was on point the audience didn’t feel too strongly about Matt Skiba showing much if any emotion or heart during what would normally be Tom DeLonge’s part on Violence, but other than that it seems that the band is much tighter in performance than when Skiba was first presented to the audience at Musink a few years back. A huge highlight of the night came when Mark Hoppus announced Travis Barker for everyone’s viewing and visual pleasure which we then saw Travis Barker do an amazing drum solo that was led into the song Violence. But tying in with the highlight of the night Hoppus announced that Barker had lost a knuckle and that if anyone was to find the skin off of his knuckle to please return it to the lost and found which was then led into Don’t Leave Me.

Growing up on all Blink 182 songs especially as a teenager when I would hum the anthems in between classes in high school, and on the bus to and from school it felt nothing short of home to stand in the OC Fair Hangar with a swarm of an audience and sing all my favorite Blink songs and I would do it most nights too if I could. Which I can now thanks to Blink announcing their residency at The Palms in Las Vegas for 16 dates! This run begins on May 26th and will continue on select weekends throughout November. Tickets go on sale Friday!

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