Day 3 at Musink Festival @ OC Fair & Event Center – March 18th 2018

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Musink Day 3 was the most disliked day by concertgoers and online fans alike because they didn’t understand why a tattoo, car and music festival needed artists such as Lil Yachty, Machine Gun Kelly, and Wifisfuneral were playing Musink which is mostly oriented toward punk/rock bands. However, the show must go on! And so it did.

Kicking off the day with the upcoming group Fever 333 the crowd reacted with love and excitement for the entertaining act that was about to brace the stage. After an eerie intro during which ex-frontman for Letlive Jason Butler was walked to the front of the stage with a black bag covering his head and a jumpsuit over his body (in front of a white cloth that covered the stage from edge to edge). The cloth was quickly ripped away and Butler ripped off his head cover to vocalize the lyrics as the other members of Fever 333 (former The Chariot guitarist Stephen Harrison and Night Verses drummer Aric Improta) followed in suit with their instruments. It took less than three songs for Butler to break one of Improta’s cymbals by throwing it in the air and breaking the stand for the cymbal in the process. With songs such as Burn It, Walking In My Shoes, and Hunting Season there is no gap from letlive, The Chariot, and Night Verses to Fever 333 because all three groups match in comparison to the intensity, purpose, and style imposed in each band. The live action of Fever 333 was as good as ever as Butler slid and jumped around the stage meanwhile Harrison threw his long hair farther than the eye could see and kept up the same energy level as Butler. As for Improta, that is a man of another world. For years Improta has been making tsunamis across the music scene with his highly energetic drum style, flips, and tricks only comparable to Barker and during night three of Musink Improta brought out all the stops. Improta kept his energy level and style as the same as his mates but was still able to show he is not one to fuck with as he jumped up during a song and landed while playing drums. Skills man, skills.

Fans were just as excited to see Fever 333 as they were for rap mogul Machine Gun Kelly as he was the next notable artist to take the stage. As a fan of Kelly’s through mostly WWE events and listening to a few of his songs I was pretty excited to see what MGK would have in store for the Orange County crowd and as expected, I was not let down. Opening his set with Golden God the fuse was lit and the rest was history. MGK ran through hits like Bad Motherfucker and Home as well as slowing it down to play a tribute for one of the best musicians to take the stage Chester Bennington with a cover of Numb. Although Kelly was able to draw a sizeable crowd for the night the line up was not able to top off Saturday’s draw, but that didn’t stop Kelly from giving his heart and soul to the audience during his performance. Besides giving his audience a night to remember by his willingness to give the best performance he doesn’t do his performance alone which makes his set that much more noteworthy. Joining MGK onstage is drummer Johnny “Rook” Cappelletty who got his big break at the age of 17 almost eighteen. Accompanying the drummer and MGK are guitarist Aj Tyus and bassist Steve “Baze” Basil holding down either side of the stage. This immediately sets the live stage performance apart from Lil Yachty and Lil Aaron because it adds a much more distinguishable depth and rock show feel to the MGK style and performance. With the exception of MGK missing a verse during Bad Motherfucker I thought he put on a great performance and really sold the crowd on his worth to the bill which may have changed some peoples views who weren’t as open to watching the set from the start.

Last up we had rising star Lil Yachty aka Lil Boat. As his DJ played hit rap artists such as Cardi B while warming up the crowd for the rapper I took a minute to do some research on Lil Yachty only to be surprised by the fact that the artist is only twenty years old and is headlining the Musink festival.With water bottles being tossed through the air and Yachty jumping across the stage the younger group of fans were dancing and grooving to the beat of Yachty’s live show. Lil Yachty played his hit song (originally made w/ Kyle) titled I Spy and 1Night. Lil Yachty played a decent set but is clearly backed by his good promotional skills and hyping of his shows that draw in the audience. His young age correlates directly with a younger audience and allows them to connect better with his music. Overall Lil Yachty was an interesting act to see live, but I wouldn’t say I’d feel the need to catch him again on the next run. Different strokes for different folks.

Wrapping up day 3 I must say Travis Barker has always done an excellent job making sure the lineups are worth seeing and paying for (almost like a small old school Warped Tour) and consistently runs promotions on tickets to give fans a better deal on the show. Barker is almost always involved with the playing acts (before, during, and after) which allows the audience to see much more of Barker and allows Barker to have some fun at the same time as well. Also, we have some names to thank for feeding all the hungry concertgoers: Pink Taco, Lucy’s Fresh Brewed Coffee, Hawaiin Chicken Bowls, Acai Bowls, Authentic Street Tacos, and Vinny’s. There was also a large display of cars on view such as the Cadillac and Chevy Impala’s which were old school low riders alongside many others. Besides the wonderful artist’s that we saw at Musink and vendors as well there were multiple amazing tattoo artists (as there is every year) such as Vic Back and John Leighton. Musink was so much fun this year that I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store.

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