Diet Cig @ Cats Cradle Back Room in Carrboro NC 2017
Diet Cig @ Cats Cradle Back Room in Carrboro NC 2017

Diet Cig + Daddy Issues + Fish Dad @ Cats Cradle Back Room – April 15th 2017

Diet Cig, the New York-based pop punk duo consisting of Alex Luciano on guitar/vocals and Noah Bowman on drums released their debut EP, Over Easy back in 2015. The concise set of songs managed to garner some critical notice, and since the release, Diet Cig has been touring steadily. The duo have spent the last few years fine-tuning and evolving their sound while building a solid fan base around their incredibly energetic live performances. Earlier this month they released their debut full length album, Swear I’m Good at This, on Frenchkiss Records. The album is a distillation of the laid-back fun vibe of their live show wrapped in pop-tinged power chords and thunderous drumming. Luckily recording hasn’t slowed them down, and Diet Cig have continued to tour solidly. The duo recently stopped at a sold out Cat’s Cradle Back Room ready to deliver their freshly released songs.

Getting things rolling at the Cradle fell to Fish Dad, a young but confident group of high-school girls who met while attending a Girls Rock NC summer camp. They played a catchy well-received set of songs that showed a maturity that belied their young ages. They were followed by Nashville grunge pop trio Daddy Issues. Consisting of Jenna Moynihan on guitar/vocals, Jenna Mitchell on bass, and Emily Maxwell on drums, Daddy Issues delivered a scrappy performance of empowering grunge-based songs wrapped in layers of lo-fi indie and alternative rock with a glossy pop sheen. Daddy Issues are set to release their debut album, Deep Dream, mid-May on Infinity Cat Recordings, and based on the songs played at the Cradle, it should be worth tracking down.

Diet Cig came out onto a wide open stage bathed in dim purple and blue light, Noah Bowman took his seat behind the drum kit as Alex Luciano tuned her guitar for a bit, exchanged some pleasantries with the crowd, and with an impish smile kicked off into “Sleep Talk,” followed by “Breathless” from the Over Easy EP before hitting a trio of songs from the new album. With Noah pounding out a steady beat, Alex, when she wasn’t belting out her vocals, was a blur of constant motion as she covered every inch of the stage bouncing, jumping, and throwing in some serious high kicks. Early in the set between the rapid fire songs, Alex addressed the crowd, explaining that Diet Cig have a policy of inclusion and creating safe spaces at their shows while urging anyone to get their attention if they felt harassed. Luckily the diverse demographic-spanning crowd was respectful in their vociferous and wild adoration. The fast-paced set continued the interweaving of older material with new songs from Swear I’m Good at This, including “Scene Sick,” “Pool Boyz,” and “Barf Day,” before delivering the fierce “Tummy Ache” with the rage fueled lyric, “My stomach hurts, ‘cause it’s hard to be a punk while wearing a skirt.” Despite the roaring approval of the crowd, Diet Cig were not content to go gentle into that good night. They called out the members of Fish Dad and Daddy Issues for a wild stage filled dance party two song encore that closed out with early single, “Harvard.”

Diet Cig + Daddy Issues + Fish Dad @ Cats Cradle Back Room

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