Eagles performing at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, BC on May 10th 2018
Eagles performing at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, BC on May 10th 2018

Live Review: Eagles + JD & The Straight Shot @ Rogers Arena, Vancouver – May 10th 2018

Thursday night, Vancouver concertgoers were treated to serene soundscapes and lavish lighting as rock legends the Eagles performed their first of a two-night stint.

Opening the show was country blues and roots rock outfit JD & The Straight Shot, who, after a phoned-in start, eventually whisked the crowd away with their jam-session style and happy-go-lucky vibes. Band lead James L. Dolan definitely has some chops in the singing department, but the highlight of the groups set was their interplay and the level of instrumental musicianship they carry through overall. They would be a delightful act to see at a small theatre or large club, that level of intimacy would carry through better with more attendees in closer proximity. Unfortunately for the band, the venue was near vacant when they took the stage. They performed for no more than a few hundred people, which is a real shame.

JD & The Straight Shot performing at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, BC on May 10th 2018

When the American rock band and headliners the Eagles took the reigns, a short time later, the venue seemed near capacity.

When the all-star gang took over the stage, they delved into things with a sense of urgency. There was very little banter, just straight to the point, no messing around; kicking things off with “Seven Bridges Road”, a Steve Young cover.

Though shoegaze-like, in their lack of movement, the famous faction showcased their abilities. Pulsing harmonies and rhythmic riffs brought the venue together into a contagious series of sing alongs. This was like a family gathering for fans; smiles, hugs, and the sharing of nostalgic memories.

Since the death of original band member Glenn Frey back in 2016, the group has gone through a metamorphosis. One of the biggest changes was the incorporation of country music star Vince Gill into the band lineup. Mr. Gill was brought in as a rhythm guitarist and vocalist, and his capacity within the outfits live performance is integral. Throughout the night, he took the lead on nearly half of the songs, from “Tequila Sunrise” to “Take It To The Limit” to “Ol’ 55”, an old Tom Waits cover from 1973. That made this evening much more of a Vince Gill and the Eagles presentation than anything else. There is nothing wrong with that, but the billing should be changed.

Eagles performing at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, BC on May 10th 2018

Joe Walsh wasn’t on stage that much. I mean he came and went throughout the night, but he just wasn’t present as much as he wasn’t.

In the few songs we saw him perform, the highlight was when he sang “Life’s Been Good”, a treasure song that even the most casual fan loves. His voice with its well-worn patina carried the audience away. I felt the gentle tingle of goosebumps scatter across my arms. It was a pretty darn-near-perfect moment.

All in all the night was well orchestrated and well performed by the entirety of the group.

The lighting was fantastic, adding to the mood and story of each song and creating ambiance in the venue.

The Eagles are still alive and well, definitely worth the ticket price and your time.

Thank you to both bands for such a wonderful night out.

Eagles setlist

Seven Bridges Road (Steve Young cover)
Take It Easy (Deacon Frey lead vocals)
One of These Nights
Take It to the Limit (Vince Gill lead vocals)
Tequila Sunrise (Vince Gill lead vocals)
Witchy Woman
In the City (Joe Walsh song)
I Can’t Tell You Why
How Long (J.D. Souther cover) (Deacon Frey & Don Henley trade lead vocals)
Ol’ ’55 (Tom Waits cover) (Vince Gill lead vocals)
Peaceful Easy Feeling (Deacon Frey lead vocals)
Best of My Love
Lyin’ Eyes (Vince Gill lead vocals)
Love Will Keep Us Alive
New Kid in Town (Vince Gill lead vocals)
Next Big Thing (Vince Gill cover) (Vince Gill lead vocals)
Those Shoes
Already Gone (Deacon Frey lead vocals)
Victim of Love
Walk Away (James Gang cover)
Heartache Tonight (Vince Gill lead vocals)
Life’s Been Good (Joe Walsh song)
Funk #49 (James Gang cover)
Life in the Fast Lane

Hotel California

Encore 2:
Rocky Mountain Way (Joe Walsh song)

Photos © Jamie Taylor // Cryptic Photography

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