Earl Sweatshirt @ Phoenix Concert Theatre – August 16th 2015

Earl Sweatshirt Phoenix Concert Theatre SpitfirePhotographs

I arrived at the Phoenix Concert theatre around 8:30 pm the room was already packed with a line-up still outside. Remy Banks came on stage around 9:10 pm to my understanding he was to play for an hour but that wasn’t the case. Remy played 3 songs, now I have shot at the Phoenix before and usually the lights are on point but not this time.

I have said this so many times before, when you can hold 1000-2000 people why not have a photo pit? Especially when you are dealing with screaming teenagers who want to see their favourite rapper.

Now that I have that off my chest, so Remy is off the stage by 9:30 the latest. So the DJ’s, you would think, have the crowd going and keep them hyped correct? Nope, pretty sure these boys were not professional DJ’s, just part of Earl’s crew. They played songs they wanted to hear and sang along. The crowd was getting mad and frustrated with this Mickey Mouse show and started chanting – “FREE EARL”.

Finally Earl came on stage at 10:30, the lighting did not get better nor did the sound. I highly doubt this tour was rehearsed prior to going on the road. It just all seemed to be a big confusion and seemed like they were just winging it on stage.

Unfortunately this is one of those times when you think it is going to be great performance and you walk out thinking – I am so disappointed.

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