Fvded In The Park @ Holland Park – July 3rd 2015

Flosstradamus @ Fvded in The Park - July 3rd 2015
The Crowd at Fvded in The Park

Fvded, a Blueprint Events movement, has dubstepped it’s way to the forefront of the Vancouver party scene. Since the inaugural Fvded in the Park in 2013, Blueprint has only imagined bigger and better things for it’s summer jam throw down. This year in Surrey’s Holland Park, the event was amped up into a two day, dual-stage event. Day one was headlined by our controversial Canadian goof ball Deadmau5 and featured a strong supporting lineup. All day the skytrain was a mother bird unloading a slew of rave(n) inspired dancers into the mouth of Holland park.

Tyler The Creator @ Fvded in The Park - July 3rd 2015
Tyler The Creator @ Fvded in The Park

On the Northwest Stage, dance legends Pete Tong and Claude Vonstroke delivered a heavy groove for the crowd to bump under the sun, many of whom were using the massive stage as a shady refuge for the sunset hours of the event. Meanwhile, over at the main Pacific Stage Tyler the Creator was unleashing his insanity onto the poor crowd. The notoriously eccentric rapper enticed the crowd with an act that hop-scotched the line between rap, comedy, and absolute madness.

Pete Tong @ Fvded in The Park - July 3rd 2015
Pete Tong @ Fvded in The Park

As Pete sent the last few notes of bass to ripple out from the Northwest stage a heavy blanket of hype fell across the crowd. Without a doubt, this festival was now grinding it’s teeth in angst waiting for the man of the night, Deadmau5. Finally, behind the massive Thunder Dome stage structure, his signature oversized head wobbled up and within seconds the atmosphere is transformed by the synthy goodness to the mau5. Demanding murmurs for Deadmau5’s popular hits were bubbling throughout the young crowd. Then, as if Deadmau5 had heard the impatient cries of his audience to play more familiar songs, the powerful bumps of “Where My Keys” drift eloquently into the first vocals of the set: “Ghosts and Stuff”. Yelps of excitement shot out from the mass of people as the set continued to push through fan favourites like “The Veldt”, “Avarita” and “Strobe”. It seemed like the slow beauty of Strobe gave the audience a chance to finally take in the full glory of his new stage set-up. As the stars began to shimmer, Deadmau5 launched the crowd into space with his unique mixture of geodomes, costumed sharks, and unbeatable groove. Doubts were put to rest as Deadmau5 symbolically waved goodbye to the crowd with the funky bass chords of “Seeya”.

Flosstradamus @ Fvded in The Park - July 3rd 2015
Flosstradamus @ Fvded in The Park

Without a doubt, music and safety should be the top priorities of any music festival, and in the true spirit of a safe all ages event water, sprinklers, amazing music, and security were in the plenty. That being said, considering the price tag of the event, I would hope that in future years Fvded in the park brings in a bit more production, lights and set designs etc. Overall, this hatchling of an event “turnt up” and I can’t wait to see this baby spread it’s wings and fly in the coming years.