Gojira © Michael Ford
© Michael Ford

Gojira + Tesseract @ Showbox SoDo – October 11th 2016

Holy crap! Gojira and TesseracT came to Seattle two nights ago and I’m still in awe of how good they were.


TesseracT © Michael Ford
© Michael Ford

TesseracT got things off to an excellent start. Twisting the minds of those in attendance with their dense music as complex as the four dimensional namesake of the band. Equal parts progressive, groove with a dash of djent, which makes for one hell of a talented band. Their goal seems to be to write intelligent and kick ass modern metal and my god are they succeeding.

Not only are the songs engaging, they translate well live, retaining the production quality in addition to packing the emotional punch needed for a great live show. Lead singer Daniel Tompkins’s voice is just as good as it is on the albums, even getting a cheer for note he held during the first song. The band’s ability to translate the paranoia and isolation of their records is quite a feat to behold. If your thing is mind bending melodic metal than TesseracT might be your new thing.


Gojira © Michael Ford
© Michael Ford

When the topic of the most metal countries comes to mind, I’m guessing your first response wasn’t France. Yet from deep within its lower bowels comes Gojira, letting out a mighty roar that would make a giant, fire-breathing lizard cower like a petrified infant.

Some say that metal is a dying art form, fueled by the demise of institutions like the Mayhem Festival, but that’s an insane notion. Bands such as Gojira are keeping horns raised high and circle pits in perpetual motion. Metal isn’t dead it’s just living under the radar of most people. That’s the thing about this type of music and this band, it demands your attention, nay it grabs your brain by the throat and forces it to wake up. While some might hear only anger in Gojira’s music, there’s a definite beauty, haunting from behind the double bass and screams.

Gojira | Seattle | Showbox SoDo © Michael Ford
© Michael Ford

Gojira’s use of the form to not only create a sense of awe, but deliver a message for those that care speaks to the ethos of punk. It’s as if the band wishes for better, but can see the negative in the world, pragmatically calling awareness to issues near and dear to them. Regardless of what motivates Joe, Mario, Christian and Jean-Michele, I hope it never runs out. The world needs more torch bearers like Gojira who not only appeal to fans outside of the genre, but to the die hard fans as well.

To close things out let me tell, if you like good music with even a little bit of heaviness, you need to just go see Gojira live. Who knows maybe you’ll find the beauty within the brutality. The remaining dates for this tour are after the photos, so if you live anywhere near a stop, go!

Remaining Dates:

Oct-13 Salt Lake City, UT The Complex
Oct-14 Denver, CO Gothic Theatre
Oct-16 Minneapolis, MN Myth Live
Oct-17 Milwaukee, WI Turner Ballroom
Oct-19 Detroit, MI The Fillmore Detroit
Oct-20 Toronto, ON Sound Academy
Oct-21 Montreal, QC Metropolis
Oct-22 Worcester, MA The Palladium
Oct-23 New York, NY Terminal 5

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