Grouplove @ Danforth Music Hall – October 30th 2016

grouplove 2016 promotional image

On October 30th I got a pre-Halloween treat and got to go see Grouplove at The Danforth Music Hall for their “Big Mess tour”. After their first two successful albums, I was very excited to have the opportunity to see the group live. They recently put out a third album that is also entitled the “Big Mess”.

The Danforth offers balcony seating, which provides a fantastic view especially when a full band is present. When Grouplove came on started on they started the show with the fan favorite “I’m with you” to keep the crowds’ excitement after the two openers set an energetic tone for the evening.

Throughout their set, they played some of their classic songs such as Tongue Tied and Shark Attack. They were also able to showcase some of their new album with songs like Welcome to Your Life and Cannonball. Grouplove had a really unique stage presence that really allowed for them to connect with their fans and provide interesting renditions of their songs. One of the biggest surprises of the night is when they played a cover of the Beastie Boys “Sabotage”. It was quite unexpected but really brought a lot of extra character to the performance.

As the show drew to a close the band took their leave but the crowd was still itching for more. After a brief pause, the band came back to the stage for the much-awaited encore. They played one song from each of their major albums during the encore as a reference to their earlier music. The crowd roared with excitement as the band began the opening notes to their most popular song “colors” as it was going to be the last song of the night.

Grouplove put on an unforgettable performance and really showed off their ability to please a diverse crowd. It is especially impressive considering how many shows are on their tour and how often they are playing. There show succeeded in making me appreciate the band even more.

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