Live Review: GWAR + Napalm Death @ The Vogue Theatre, Vancouver – December 1st 2021

For over 30 years the intergalactic scumdog overlords GWAR have ruled planet Earth with their bloody concerts and tonight was time to coat the Vogue Theatre a new shade of red.

Before the blood bath began, the iconic British death metal group Napalm Death blasted the audience with sonic brutality. The raw energy coming from each member was electrifying. Even after 40 years of being on stage, they performed with pure integrity. Lead singer Barney Greenway was like an uncaged animal, frantically running side to side and roaring into the mic. In between songs, he spoke calmly to the crowd making it clear what they were about, mentioning the global environmental crisis and disgusting discrimination towards refugees.

Despite chairs, security and myself covered in plastic, many fans were wearing white t-shirts, eagerly waiting what was to come. A “fan” came on stage spewing his hatred for the new version of the band saying they aren’t as good as they used to be. The lead singer, a giant pig-faced-longhorn-goblin aka Blöthar the Berserker, faced the “fan” with a giant sword in hand. With one foul swoop, the annoying character was executed and fake blood gushed all over the front row. The rest of the monstrous band fired up their instruments opening “The Salaminizer” whilst the red shower continued.

The massacre continued with multiple slayings including tits being sliced off, bellies sliced open, scalps removed, and even a look-a-like of Joe Biden at the end for the encore. Blöthar even honored the crowd with a shower of galactic piss that rained down on the blood-stained masses. The energy in Vogue that night hit differently, either from the collective release of everyone due to the pandemic or because it was a GWAR show. Or possibly both. I’m glad I put so much anticipation behind seeing GWAR as my expectations were knocked out of the park.

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GWAR Setlist:

  1. The Salaminizer
  2. Sick of You
  3. Black and Huge
  4. Love Surgery
  5. Vlad the Impaler
  6. Death Pod
  7. Maggots
  8. The Years Without Light
  9. Horror of Yig
  10. King Queen
  11. Fight
  12. Eat Steel
  13. Cool Place to Park
  14. I’ll Be Your Monster
  15. Fuck This Place

Photos © Lukas Holt

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