Live Review: Hanson + Joshua and the Holy Rollers + Paul McDonald @ The Vogue Theatre, Vancouver – November 30th 2019

American pop-rock band Hanson hit the Vogue Theatre stage this weekend with Joshua and the Holy Rollers and Paul McDonald.

Most people would remember their 1997 hit ‘Mmmbop‘, and while that came out 20+ years ago, they haven’t stopped — releasing multiple albums since that time. Craving some nostaligia and wanting to see what they had been up to the last time they rolled through town (2 years ago), I went to check them out. To my surprise they weren’t the ’00 pop machine by-product I thought they were, they were actually good. Really good.

Madly talented musicians, they’ve revamped some of their old back catalogue and have been continuously cranking out quality pop-rock for more than two decades. Being amazed with their last live performance, I needed to join them and their immensly dedicated fan base at the Vogue Theatre this weekend for their ‘Wintry Mix‘ tour.

After kicking things off with a Christmas original ‘Finally it’s Christmas‘, Hanson dove into their older hits including ‘Lost Without Each Other,’ ”This Time Around’ and ‘Where’s the Love’. Mid-set, they managed to tame a wild audience with Zac and Taylor each taking a solo seat at the piano to premire two new songs — ‘Better Man‘ and ‘Serious Woman‘. Before diving into a set of Christmas songs, the brothers (Isaac, Taylor and Zac) proved just how well they harmonize as they perfomed an acoustic version of ‘MmmBop’. In my opinion, it’s better than the original.

Extending their encore from 2 to 4 songs they ended the night with hyped up songs that had Taylor leading the charge to get everyone jumping around. After the show, you could find the guys by the stage door, braving the bitter cold night to take some time with their adoring fans. After all these years, it’s nice to see the care they have for those who have supported them for so long. It was a pretty touching sight.

These guys are worth seeing live whenever they come through town. You’ll be in for a treat.


Finally it’s Christmas
Don’t Ever Change (New)
Rock N’ Roll Razorblade
Lost Without Each Other
This Time Around
I Was Born
Battle Cry
Make It Out Alive
Where’s the Love
Better Man (Zac Solo, New)
Serious Woman (Taylor Solo – New)
MmmBop (Acoustic)

White Christmas
Little St. Nick
Merry Christmas Baby
What Christmas Means to Me
Winter Wonderland
Wonderful Christmas Time
Run Rudolf Run
Waiting For This
If Only
Til New Years Night
In the City

PHOTOS © Kelli Rothwell

Joshua and the Holy Rollers

Paul McDonald