Henry Rollins; Intensity Personified

Henry Rollins brought his spoken word to our fair city, this past evening. His intensity and ability to captivate audiences with stories and observations is uncanny. Many coming to the show were unaware of what this night would bring, but were pleasantly surprised by the composure and content. The opinions and moral values held by this man are inspiring; definitely worth they weight in gold.

To start the night he broke out a story about his close friend. Reminiscing about her constant trouble with heroin. Depicting her as the epitome of the “artsy type”; whom he believed to be wasting her talents on drugs. After building up her fall into the darkness she ended up going to prison. On her release she was so depressed she went home and tried to commit suicide; standard car in the garage would suffice. The only problem was she realized while sitting in her garage that she was in a Prius. The audience roared with laughter and the night was off.

The various depictions by Mr.Rollins describing his personal life, was quite candid and from the heart. There was no sugar coating the stories, he was open and was willing to share every detail; no matter how unflattering. Be it the depression he feels when stuck in his “unitarian” commode, or the disturbing faces one makes while performing a little self release. At one point in fact he discussed the personal confusion he had, caused by finding a cross dresser attractive.

His ability to shoot from the hip in a clear and articulate manner was almost shocking. Not that you would expect him to be some monosyllable speaker, but his diction was refreshing. The style of his presentation was energetic and excited. Everything he spoke of was backed by his true personal opinion. Telling stories about reading the hand written jail journals of Nelson Mandela, he was very touched. His near anger in discussing the ignorance of Americans, but also pointing out that Canadians have their share of ignorance.

Henry Rollins brought a inspiring speech to the Centre, something that I would encourage everyone to check out in the future. His political opinions and deep moral value are some what of a rarity these days. At some points he would get on his “soapbox” but it was genuine and not driven by anything but bigheartedness. The night was amazing, and all the people in attendance were bettered for having been privy to it. Mind you it was near 3 hours long. With the former punk singer not taking one sip of water during the marathon of words, that in itself is a sight to behold.

Happy Concerting

Jamie Taylor
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