Live Review: Hollerado + Little Junior @ The Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver – November 2nd 2019

Canadian indie rock band, Hollerado, hit the stage for their last Vancouver show over the weekend and it was one hell of a party.

From the moment the house lights dimmed and they walked out, the crowd was roaring with an appreciation for a band whose music has soundtracked their lives for the past 12 years. Delivering a smoking hot, high-energy performance, the crowd sang, danced and embraced those around them during songs like “Americanarama,” “Pick Me Up,” and “So It Goes.”

Throughout the set, they remained energetic as they interacted with the audience and each other, sharing fond memories of tours and Vancouver shows past. They talked about a customs guard (in the crowd) who met them in an unmonitored area just so he could buy merch. Menno Versteeg, the band’s lead singer, also recalled the time they got banned from the Commodore for the ‘purple powder incident.’ It seems the powder used for colour runs will cake on to everything when mixed with spilled beer. The floor, monitors, people…

After an earlier promise to not play their hit song “Juliette,” Hollerado obliged a jubilant crowd. Menno dropped into the crowd mid-song for an impromptu jump rope with his mic cord before wrapping up the set with a couple of covers. When it was all said and done, you could see groups of people hugging, smiling and reveling in the post-concert high.

As they head into retirement, it was a bittersweet moment seeing them one last time before they wrap up their tour in December.

Their contributions as a band to the Canadian Indie Rock scene will be missed, but they’ve got a lasting legacy to be proud of. We’ll miss you Hollerado. Thanks for making great music.


Grief Money
I Got You
Time on Earth
Pick Me Up
Good Day

Fake Drugs
So It Goes
Got to Lose
Free Fallin
Rockin In the Free World

PHOTOS © Kelli Rothwell


Little Junior

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