Iron Madien; The Insanity

Iron Maiden at GM Place in Vancouver. review by Jamie Taylor

Last night the streets were filled with the raw aftermath of true heavy rock. Iron Maiden brought down the roof at GM Place with a high octane vintage masterpiece. The plethora of eager metal heads raised their devil horns skywards and bowed their heads in awe of this god like group. It was a night to remember, an evening of chaotic, mind melting mayhem.

Entering the floor it was easy to see this would be a serious event. Lining the stage fence were some of the most well decorated music Generals you will see. A vast collection of hardcore metal goers, decked out in full gear. Big black boots, studded accessories, and as many plastic cups of beer they could carry at one time. This was bound to be a truly humbling experience for the pledges in the group.

As the lights drew down, and the eyes lit up, the sounds of teeth grinding could be felt. The testosterone level started to climb as Bruce Dickinson (lead singer) started to sing. The band of delinquents in his association, fired up and bombarded the attendees with a relentless wall of guitar fueled sound. The flicker of bodies pulsed to the flash of the light. Each mighty warrior attacking his way to the best location. A territorial war ensued it was absolute mayhem

“You have music fans, then you have heavy metal fans, and then you have Iron Maiden fans” – echoed the words from Dickinson himself. A bold statement which is quite literally a fact. Watching the interaction of the members of the floor as they pummeled one another and sweat on one another in an attempt to gain mere millimeters towards the stage. It was quite clear the dedication level for these fanatics was far greater than that of a usual metal show.

The stage was decked out to look like some Clive Barker styled police colony on Mars. Metal octagonal cylinder tunnels lined with stencil styled numbering and lettering. Giant pistons and laser canons lined the backdrop. It was a true over the top setup that was pulled together for a true over the top band.

Later in the set, the UK singer dedicated “Blood Brothers” to the late Dio. Having the crowd raise their devil signs high and proud, as a tribute to its creators passing. It was a true moment of connection for the audience, as the excitable mass started to slowly chant “Dio, Dio, Dio”. It was enough to send chills up your spine.

During the final portion of the set, Eddie emerged from the background and started attacking the members of the band. The 12 foot tall zombie like monster crept around the stage and even took some time to flip the bird to the house. The band mates on stage, were all smiles; although hoaky its something expected at a Maiden show. As such it is treated with all the respect it deserves.

Overall the night was pure insanity. The band played their hearts out. They never once missed a beat, the guitar work was tight and smooth and the vocals were powerful and haunting. It was a true spectacle to be a part of. As the horde on the floor vacated, it was clear to see the damage some fans received. Missing clothing, bloody noses, and for the most part, sweat so thick it dripped from their t-shirts. It would not be a metal night without the deep musky smell of mosh sweat.

Jamie Taylor

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