Jack Johnson @ Deer Lake Park – July 23rd 2017

Laid-back, singer-songwriter Jack Johnson swooned a sold-out Deer Lake Park in Burnaby, BC on Sunday under the watchful eye of the late-day sun.

The festival lawn outside the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts was swarming with eager fun-seekers kicked back on the green grass and letting the music wash over them.

Opening the show was Portland-native folk singer John Craigie.

His brand of musical story telling is born of personal truths and his set was an equal mix of spoken reminiscence and songs.

jack johnson at deer lake park in burnaby on july 23rd 2017

After a little time between acts, Mr. Johnson and company took hold of the stage.

He walked out with a grin extending ear to ear, picked up his trusty Cole Clark acoustic, and started into the set.

The warm waves of his soothing music waded across the audience as they swayed in the early evening breeze.

The last bit of the suns shine trickled behind the trees.

Groups of friends sat together on stretched out blankets and towels, singing along with joy in their voice and happiness in their hearts.

I sat near the back of the crowd and took in the moment.

It was one of those special moments in life. One that would stick out in your mind for years and for Jack, I would assume, he would just call it an average Sunday.

Thank you for both acts for a fantastic time out.

Come back soon, we miss you already.

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