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Jazz Cartier @ Fortune Sound Club – December 5th 2015


He’s been called Toronto’s new hip-hop “darling”, and he goes by the name Jazz Cartier (aka Jacuzzi Lafleur).

Described as a “post-Drake” rapper, Cartier’s sound and lyrical grit both complicate and augment champagnepapi’s version of The Six.

Jazz Cartier’s Paradise Express Tour dates follow his strong and well-received debut album Marauding In Paradise, which earned him a spot on the Polaris longlist and a solid following both at home and at large.

His Vancouver show at Fortune Sound Club December 5th gave Vancouverites a taste of Toronto and the chance to see hip-hop outfits Cityreal and G4shi.

In the lead-up to Cartier’s performance, concertgoers bumped along to hot new hip hop tracks, but the air transformed the moment he stepped onto the stage.

Jazz busted out with an unavoidable charisma. Behind him, a video reel played along to each song. The visuals included artful shots of Toronto, potentially satirical captures from videos made for the Province of Ontario, and various films.

Sporting wayfarer sunglasses, pipecleaners in his hair, an oversized jacket, baggy overalls, and t-shirt with a graphic of Tupac’s Coachella hologram, Cartier’s physical presence was as strong as his performance. How a motley assemblage of wardrobe pieces could function so naturally is truly indicative of Cartier’s magnetism.

His “Secrets Safe/Local Celebrity Freestyle” says it all: “I’m a leader, not a front man”. Leading the audience in participation and spraying us with water bottles, Cartier delivered a tangible performance of tunes from Marauding in Paradise including “Dead or Alive” and “Stick and Move”.

The concert peaked during Cartier’s final song and fan favourite “New Religion”. He brought the house down as he flawlessly spit verses while hanging by the ankles from the ceiling of Fortune Sound Club. At one point, he was literally being elevated by the crowd.  When it comes to spectacular performers like Jazz, all we can really do is watch in awe.

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