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Live Review: JFL NorthWest: Margaret Cho @ The Vogue Theatre, Vancouver – February 19th 2016

The multi-talented Margaret Cho brought her sexualized, truth-bomb-filled comedy set to the JFL NorthWest comedy festival in Vancouver on Friday night.

Cho’s comedic voice has aged like a fine wine over the years.

I first saw her perform on an episode of Just For Laughs back in the nineties, since then I have been in awe of her unique, boundaryless writing.

Playing to a near full house, Margaret delved into a number of very personal narratives where she used a smattering of funny breaks to keep things light.

From the personal stories about her molestation by her uncle to the self-reflection of the appearance of her vagina, she kept vocal about the truths in her life while keeping the audience in stitches. Her navigation of race and politics and sexuality is intriguing and honest.

Without context the set as a whole could construed as the nihilistic rants of someone in a deep despair, but humor is tragedy plus time and her timing is impeccable.

It wouldn’t be a Cho show without her pulling her pants down and showing everyone the faces she has tattooed on her butt. In the few times I have seen her in recent years, she has graced us with that each time, Friday was no different. It still makes me giggle when I am thinking about it now.

The night ended with two songs backed by an acoustic guitar. The first was ‘(I Want To) Kill My Rapist’ (watch the video). Cho’s vocals were deliciously grungy, coated in 90s nostalgic drone that you couldn’t help but love. The second song was ‘Fat Pussy’ (watch the video), and the chorus carried those very words through the venue leaving everyone smiling and singing along.

Margaret Cho brought laughter and perspective to the masses. D

Thank you, Ms. Cho. You are a brave and talented person.

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