JFL NorthWest: Trevor Noah @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre – February 19th 2016

Trevor Noah – Queen Elizabeth Theatre - Vancouver Feb 19 2016

South African comedian Trevor Noah brought his brand of cultural-comparison comedy to the JFL NorthWest comedy fest on Friday night.

Noah took over duties as the new face of The Daily Show, and upon the announcement received a wave of undue criticism over a smattering of his earlier Twitter posts in which he joked about women and Jewish. Anyone with a good head on their shoulders could see it was just the internet doing what it does best; trying to add fuel to a barely hot spark. Looking at Trevor’s CV it is pretty clear why he was chosen, he is a talented, well-traveled, multilingual funny person with a sharp tongue and a level head.

Walking into the venue last night I was not sure what I would see. I hadn’t previously watched any of Mr. Noah’s performances, so I was definitely going in blind.

The Daily Show hosts set was clever and original.

While his content is reminiscent of someone like Russell Peters, his style and writing ability is far beyond.

The majority of the set consisted of cultural comparisons of North America and South Africa and their societal norms. He even throws in a bevvy of impressions to accompany his bits, which adds to their delivery but still manages to keep them tasteful.

The highlight of the evening was when he outlined his first encounter with a California taco truck, and quickly realised the difference between the word napkin in North American culture and South African culture. My sides were aching after that.

Trevor Noah brought down the house.

I hope to see him as the face of The Daily Show for many years to come.

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