JP, Chrissie & the Fairground Boys @ The Commodore Ballroom – October 19th 2010

Tuesday night was alive with the playful sounds of JP, Chrissie and The Fairground Boys. Setting the mood early in the evening was Amy Correia, with her sultry voice. The fans in attendance were eager and dedicated. The only hiccup during the show was the unwillingness of Ms. Chrissie Hynde to get her picture taken, but all in all it was a wonderful show.

Entering the Commodore Ballroom is always a treat. Creeping up that stairwell until finally your head peaks over the top and you see the beautiful smiles of the ladies behind the coat check counter. This night was no different, subsequently the massed made their way to the merch table and started consuming. The bar was a flutter with all sorts of thirsty self-proclaimed audiophiles wet their whistles. It was a well aged crowd; silver specked hair and hi-balls rather than ales. The night was off to an exciting start.

The lights ran off, and the darkness filled its space. Before the humble mass stood Amy Correia, a true musical wonder. Her gentle voice started out and swirled around the floor. With the utmost of ease she delivered an outstanding performance. The bluesy rasp to her voice, the folky jaunt to her instrument, mapped with the wittiness of her lyrics made for complete rapture. This woman is by far one of the most talented and original singer-songwriters in this day and age.

Ms. Correia’s vocal style is purely delicious. She is a little Joplin, a little gospel miracle and pure heart. The tone in her words is hypnotic and alluring. While her lyrics are playful at times they never skimp on any realness or honesty. Amy Correia is a mesmerizing siren from which you hope never to escape.

The lights returned and the horde spent their intermission refueling and refreshing. It still is amazing to see the sums of cash that people carry around. No where else do you still see people throw actually physical money around anymore, it is all digital for the most part. Once again the lights escaped and its all-consuming brother darkness engulfed the viewers.

After the brief interlude, JP Jones, Chrissie Hynde and The Fairground Boys came trotting to the stage. Right from the moment they took before their admiring fans, Ms.Hynde was aggressive with the people taking photographs. Yelling at them, specifically saying – fuck off, no way, put it away. It was very distracting. It is one thing if you are a up and coming punk outfit full of teenage angst. It is a very different thing when you are 59, it comes across egotistical and unrealistic. None the less the show went on.

JP Jones is a very well rounded musician. The Welsh singer has a gritty rasp to his voice and belts it out from the heart. On stage he darts around with excitement and charisma. This makes him a great front man. With Chrissie to his left, acting a fool with her unfavorable fan reaction, it by comparison made Jones more likable. This may have been the Yin and Yang they were trying to attain. Her negative attitude was more of an amplification for stage purposes. Visually they were like water and oil, but musically they fit perfectly.

The music was fun and very catchy, but still had something to say. The show consisted of playing the entirety of the debut album Fidelity! released just a few weeks ago. Each song was more intense live, and really captured the chemistry between the two leads. On stage they play off one another with a romantic sway. They would be staring off into each others eyes while the other sang. The album is a definite reflection of this cohesive performance, but it cannot be caged. The album comes no where near, to presenting the passion these two exuded on that fine evening.

Chrissie took here hatred for photographs and also applied it to the media pit. She took time out from her song, this is mid chorus, to in fact yell at one photographer. Then mere moments later did the same to the another one. With the enthusiasm for the band, one of the dedicated fanatics in the audience actually dumped her spicy Caesar all over the second photographers head. Realizing her dramatic actions must have persuaded the fan to act out some sort of vengeance in her honor, Hynde kindly leaned down and offered some sort of apologetic words.

Despite the circus act caused by the female leads unsavory actions, the show was beautiful. Musically they are strong and carry a lot of clout. The show was performed with a calculated precision. But the shinning star of the night was Amy Correia. With her simple two person show, she blew the main act off the stage. Her songs were more well rounded, more soulful and well they were just more. Anyone that gets a chance should listen to here music, and seek out her next show to take a listen. She has that something special, the je ne sais quois. JP Jones and Chrissie Hynde were great but in comparison they didnt hold a flame to the ability carried but that sexy little opener. She is intoxicating.

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