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Julian Casablancas + Connan Mockasin @ Commodore Ballroom – November 12th 2014

Julian Casablancas + the Voidz at the Commodore on a Wednesday night, trust me so many voids were entered.

The first one: a dreamy, freaky, pleasant surprise they call Connan Mockasin.

I swear this band makes you feel as though you’re watching the intro to a 70s porno, on ‘shrooms. It was mesmerizing.

The band’s stage presence is so campy you’re not sure whether to take it seriously, especially when the girl playing synth keeps turning away in fits of laughter, but you do because it’s so good. Connan turned out to be a blonde kiwi elf in soft velvet, he ooo-ed and he audience and band would respond with off-key ooo’s, it was a good way of loosening the crowd up and making them a part of the experience.

The rest of the Connan Mockasin band were in these open-chested little red numbers, all a part of the fabric of the lovely web that they caught and spun us into.

Connan Mockasin finished and everyone’s left thinking what is the main act going to do if that’s the opener’s that’s deep?

In between acts there ws about a half hour of Turkish andafrican psychedelic music, and when the Voidz come on you were locked into David Lynch’s Black Lodge/Red Room, except all the mad spirits are on meth, and it’s amazing.

I’ve never been so scared at the start of a show, but so happy to be scared.

The musicians are ace, there was a neon 80s guy with a mullet rippin the gee-tar soulfully.

The other guys wailing were too good and too cool for me to say anything beyond that. I was really jealous of the drummer who was was exuding the rock with every breath and crash, he had really creative beats and mastered the tough job of keeping all the Voidz’ madness together tightly. Princes of Satan for sure.

FYI, Julian Casablancas is rough these day, still the same crooning sex god to all in the crowd that worshipped him in their pubescent years, but with loud, crazy feelings. When he’s talk in between the crew would cast this blinding green light that obscured his face, to preserve the enigma I guess…

And that distortion his voice has on all his records? Nope, it’s not a musical engineering things that’s just Julian’s voice apparently, we had to accept it, the dude’s a mystery.

What’s great though is he’s also real, he has a good sense of humor right through and through to the encore performance which he started with “You Only Live Once” , and he was in a hurry to finish it.

Real talk, it was a generous act of appeasement to cure everyone with a Strokes boner, but following fun electrified show, everyone in the building wanted a Voidz encore.

On the lights, again, if you’ve seen the final episode of Twin Peaks you’ll understand, imagine strobes everywhere, but eith the aggressively vibrating contrast of blue and red, harsh like julian’s rushed Strokes encore.

Seriously, it was like he took a steak and through it to alley dogs, like “you want this dinner? Here, have it you filthy animals”. All in good fun.
So the kids screamed and they moshed, some attempted a crowd surf a lucky few even got to touch the actual back of Julian’s jean vest thing

All in all an exciting, super fun show and a fantastic Wednesday night, the Voidz.

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