Kiiara @ Imperial - November 8th 2016
Kiiara @ Imperial - November 8th 2016

Live Review: Kiiara + Cruel Youth @ The Imperial – November 8th 2016

I was listening to the radio not too long ago and heard that Kiiara would be performing at The Imperial on November 8th. Although I had only heard her hit single, I knew I didn’t want to miss this opportunity to see her live, in such an intimate venue.

Cruel Youth

Right before Kiiara came on, a band called Cruel Youth played. After a somewhat speckled past, Teddy Sinclair (lead singer) dropped her alter-ego, Natalia Kills, to create Cruel Youth. Though only time will tell if this move will be beneficial to her (and her fans). Hopefully, the public can let go of Sinclair’s past indiscretions; because, based on Cruel Youth’s talented performance the other night, I think they’re headed for big things.

The new group (Sinclair, along with Lucy Graves and Lauren Stockner) is something totally unique, and yet familiar at the same time. What makes Cruel Youth unique is their sound, which is very much their own. Their sound features solid beats, with a grungier feel at times, but also a lighter feel too. The familiarity comes with Sinclair’s voice, which is sultry, low and raspy; akin to the late Amy Winehouse.

My favourite part of their performance was their second to last song, “HateFuck”, which Sinclair stated is her favourite song as well. After the song ended, she explained it was about her ex and added the interesting irony of it being a “beautiful song for such a fucking ugly person”; #truth.


The stage lit up and there was Kiiara with her long brown, wavy hair and sunnies. She began with “Tennessee”, which had heavy bass, but her soft, wispy voice was a good contrast. “Feels” was a crowd favourite, with extra appreciation as the song began. The audience went crazy, though, when “Gold” started up. The way the song started was epic – the chorus had been mixed and was blasted in intervals with extra bass.

Kiiara didn’t have too much interaction with the crowd, preferring to keep up the energy with her music. However, she did take a moment to thank her fans, saying that a year ago she couldn’t even pay her rent and now she’s touring the world. Despite the limited interaction, her performance was better than I expected. I thought perhaps with only one albeit very popular single, her other songs may fall short. I’m glad I was proven wrong.

The whole concert turned out to be an awesome dance party, filled with unexpected surprises. I’m so happy I got the chance to see them both.

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