Kip Moore @ Commodore Ballroom © Jamie Taylor
© Jamie Taylor

Live Review: Kip Moore + Canaan Smith @ The Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver – February 3rd 2015

The Up In Smoke tour with Kip Moore and Canaan Smith had a sold out show this past Tuesday, February 3rd at The Commodore Ballroom. As this was Kip Moore’s first headlining tour, he did not disappoint his fans by rocking the house with an amazing performance that best describes who he is as an artist. They put an extraordinary amount of energy and gave it everything they had to please their fans.

Kip Moore @ Commodore Ballroom © Jamie Taylor
“Trailer Trash” pedal board © Jamie Taylor

“Cause we’ll be up all night, keeping up the moon. I just wanna dance, baby dance with you. We gonna scream and shout until sunrise. We won’t close it down, we’ll be up all night.” This lyric from Kip Moore’s track Up All Night describes last night’s concert at The Commodore Ballroom perfectly. Before Kip Moore and his opener Canaan Smith hit the stage, the energy in the room was astonishing. Everywhere you turned you could see fans sporting Kip Moore merchandise, some wearing T-shirts saying “Got A Truck?” or hats that read “Beer Money.”

Canaan Smith @ Commodore Ballroom © Jamie Taylor
Canaan Smith given it his all © Jamie Taylor

As the time came closer to start the show, the crowd went wild in anticipation for Canaan Smith to take the stage. They did not disappoint the country fans in attendance. From the very first chord played right to the ending of the last song, Canaan Smith’s stage performance blew the crowd away. While they performed their original hit songs, they surprised the fans by performing a cover of Nick Jonas’s newest hit, Jealous – they nailed the cover with their own country twist. To end Canaan Smith’s incredible performance, they left us on an emotional note with a heart-wrenching story about a loss in the family. The upcoming album from Canaan Smith will be named after Canaan’s brother and include a song that was written for him as well. If you missed this unbelievable performance, don’t worry; Canaan Smith will be back in Vancouver next month!

Kip Moore @ Commodore Ballroom © Jamie Taylor
Kip Moore looking rugged © Jamie Taylor

Before the lights started to dim, the country fans in attendance shouted with excitement for Kip Moore to rock the house. As Kip stepped foot on stage, the crowd went wild. He gave it everything he had with a fast-paced and high-energy stage presence to give his fans the best Country performance they’ve ever witnessed. While Kip’s performance was filled with mind-blowing energy, he continuously encouraged the crowd to sing along, belt out certain sections of is songs, and rock out along with him. “Can I get a hell yeah? Can I get an Amen?” were just a few phrases Kip would shout to interact with his fans.

Kip Moore @ Commodore Ballroom © Jamie Taylor
Kip Moore working the crowd © Jamie Taylor

As the first chord was strummed for Beer Money, a hit song from Kip Moore’s album Up All Night, the crowd went wild in excitement. The whole venue was filled with singing and dancing fans grooving along to this hit track. Later on in the night, Kip asked his fans “how much do us Canadians know about Dirt Roads?” to hint to his fans to get ready to rock out to his newest single, Dirt Road. And rock out is exactly what each and every person in attendance did.

While Kip Moore’s songs mix country with a touch of heartland rock, he is definitely the most promising artist in a growing industry for upcoming male country performers. The Up In Smoke tour blew away the Vancouver crowd last night with unforgettable performances by Canaan Smith and Kip Moore. This is one concert everyone in attendance will never forget.

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