VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA - AUGUST 01: (Exclusive Coverage) Lady Gaga performs during her "Joanne" world tour at Rogers Arena on August 1, 2017 in Vancouver, Canada. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Live Nation)
VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA - AUGUST 01: (Exclusive Coverage) Lady Gaga performs during her "Joanne" world tour at Rogers Arena on August 1, 2017 in Vancouver, Canada. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Live Nation)

Live Review: Lady Gaga @ Rogers Arena, Vancouver – August 1st 2017

LADY.GAGA. I can’t EVEN!! This exceptionally talented woman rocked the pants off Vancouver Tuesday night when she kicked off her Joanne World Tour. The performance literally left me speechless. But, if I had to find words to describe what I witnessed that night, here’s what they’d be: phenomenal, incredible, unbelievable, jaw-dropping, magical, EPIC.

I will absolutely not be able to do this fab gal justice through my words, but I will certainly try.

The Countdown

The Lady Gaga frenzy started outside Rogers Arena long before the singer took to the stage. Fans lined up for hours waiting to get in to see her. Although the wait was long, it was fun seeing all the amazing costumes fans were sporting. There was a troupe of women in platinum long, blonde wigs, each decked out in different Lady Gaga costumes, and another group of men with silver, sparkly beards wearing tutus and suspenders. I saw everything under the sun in terms of costumes; thankfully though, there was not a single meat dress.

When the doors finally opened, fans streamed into Rogers Arena. Seeing the elaborate stage set-up (4 different stages!), I knew that we were in for one hell of a show. Although there was a further delay of the show when we were inside, Lady Gaga was well worth the wait.

Lady Gaga

We heard a boom and then a giant, pink clock appeared on the screen, counting down the minutes until Lady Gaga would be on stage. The crowd anxiously awaited the zero mark. And then, finally the screen started to rise. I had goose bumps, and I promise you, the air conditioning had nothing to do with it.

Slowly the stage was revealed and then, there she was. Her fans went wild as Lady Gaga began to sing “Diamond Heart,” the first track on her newest album, Joanne. In heels, black tights, a black bodysuit, and a pink, sparkly cowboy hat, Lady Gaga rocked out.

As she began the next song, “A-Yo,” her dancers streamed out from back stage. Throughout the night, I was repeatedly blown away by their talent and stamina. At one point, Lady Gaga expressed her appreciation towards them, acknowledging how almost all of them had been with her for the past 10 years.

The concert continued on with “Poker Face,” and then “Perfect Illusion,” with Lady Gaga appropriately disappearing into the stage floor as the song ended.

As the audience would soon discover, there were several musical interludes in which Lady Gaga would complete a costume change. While we waited, we were entertained by different music videos played on the front screen.

Always excited to see more of her, the crowd roared with delight as Lady Gaga returned in a scandalously fabulous see-through black bodysuit. She began “John Wayne,” a song with a bit of a country twist. As she sang, I thought about how effortlessly Lady Gaga shifts through different genres. This became even more evident throughout the night as her older hits were performed alongside the newer ones.  


Around the halfway mark, oval-shaped objects that were hanging from the ceiling started to release down towards the two centre stages. Turns out these were planks that connected all the stages together. As Lady Gaga performed “Applause,” she and her dancers made their way across the planks. The crowd cheered with appreciation.

Lady Gaga made her way over to the other side of the arena where a previously covered area was now uncovered, displaying her piano. She sat down to sing “The Edge of Glory.” This song is awesome on the radio; hearing it live though? It’s truly something else. I was floored by Lady Gaga’s talents up until this point, but hearing this song actually brought tears to my eyes. By far, this was my favourite moment of the night. I was feeling all the feels!

The show continued, getting better and better. The crowd fervently sang along to “Born This Way” and then watched in awe as Lady Gaga performed a darker “Bloody Mary.”


With this name as the title of her whole tour, Lady Gaga wanted to make sure we knew what was what. Before singing “Joanne,” she explained that it’s her middle name, but that it was also her aunt’s name. Her aunt passed away when her dad was younger, but “there is grief [that is] passed on from generation to generation.” This is why she named the album Joanne. And this is just another reason why Lady Gaga is so kick ass: she’s real. Quite often, she would provide little tidbits of wisdom she’d picked up along her life’s journey. It felt like each little piece of information brought you in closer to knowing who Lady Gaga really is.

Lady Gaga performed two more songs, “Bad Romance” (a crowd favourite) and “The Cure” (newly released), before her encore.

Million Reasons

Lady Gaga left the stage for one last costume change and the crowd knew this time was different, we knew we were coming to the end. As she returned to the stage, the crowd passionately cried for more. Lady Gaga obliged; she sat down at her piano to sing her last song of the evening. Before she started though, she told the audience, “I feel so lucky because, it’s that attitude that you’ve taught me, that keeps me coming back home to the stage where I belong. And I do know for sure, that there are a million reasons that I’m here, because of you. You’re always the reason I stick around.” She concluded the night with an emotional “Million Reasons.”

Lady Gaga loves what she does. And that passion really shines through in her performance; she gave it her all. The show was absolutely unreal and I hope that if you weren’t able to make it that night, this gives just a little taste of Gaga.

As I was leaving Rogers Arena that night, I heard a fellow fan say, “I wish I could go back and do it all over again.” I couldn’t agree more.

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