Randy Blythe of Lamb Of God @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre - June 1st 2016
Randy Blythe of Lamb Of God @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre - June 1st 2016

Lamb of God + Clutch @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre – June 1st 2016

Virginian heavy metal outfit Lamb of God joined forces with Maryland-native rockers Clutch at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver for a night of heart-palpitating musical mayhem.

Clutch were first to the stage. Lead by Neil Fallon on vocals, they delivered a solid, tight set that rocked the medium-capacity venue.

Starting the night off with Who Wants to Rock?, the title track off their 1999 compilation Jam Room, Fallon’s voice rang through the air and stirred up the crowd. The fans vacated their seats and rushed towards the stage. A mosh pit formed, and things started to heat up.

Neil Fallon of Clutch @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre - June 1st 2016
Neil Fallon of Clutch @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre – June 1st 2016

By the time the band was into their third song, Firebirds! from their latest album Psychic Warfare, the floor before the band was an eruption of flying bodies and held-high fists.

I looked on with a grin , as the band slapped me in the face with hit after hit. Each song coming on like a powerful wave and shaking the cloudy-skied gloom that had been veiling over the city for the past few days. This was just the wake up we all needed. The music was vibrant and appropriately aggressive. It made you feel alive.

Clutch destroyed their set, and now the audience was redlining with Fallon-flavoured fuel burning in their veins. It would be a hard act to follow.

Cluth Set List
Who Wants to Rock?
X-Ray Visions
Gravel Road
The House That Peterbilt
Earth Rocker
Sea of Destruction
D.C. Sound Attack!
A Quick Death in Texas
Decapitation Blues
Immortal – (First time since May 2013)
The Mob Goes Wild

It was now Lamb of God who took over the stage.

Randy Blythe, the lead singer, stood before the house of musical maniacs and thanked people for coming down to see them.

First on the docket was Walk With Me In Hell, from the bands 2006 album Sacrament. Blythe was intense, and the audience reciprocated with a new round of fists in the air.

Randy certainly has his stage show down to a tee, from high-flying leaps at key points in the set to spitting water clouds into the air just as the stage lights become chaotic, it lined up so perfectly.

A stream of crowd surfers continuously rose up on to the outstretched hands of their fellow concert goers. The air was salted with a thick smell of sweat and excitement.

The night rolled on, and Lamb Of God brought an all around electric performance that left the audience grinning.

Near the end of the set, a man turned to me and said, “Lamb of God is fucking God!”, and then ran off into the mayhem, climbed on to the crowd, and surfed down to the front barricade. That pretty much summarizes this Virginian bands night. A house of fans having the time of their life.

Lamb Of God Set List
Walk with Me in Hell
Ghost Walking
Engage the Fear Machine – (First time performed live)
Now You’ve Got Something to Die For
Still Echoes
The Faded Line
Blacken the Cursed Sun

Laid to Rest

After all was said and done, musically I would say Clutch was tighter and more cohesive while Lamb Of God was a little bit looser but any those issues were buried in what seemed like some mixing problems. Performance wise, Lamb of God owned the night. Whatever Randy Blythe has coursing through his veins needs to be bottled up and served to the masses, the world would be a better place.

Thank you to both bands for such a fantastic night.

Vancouver is counting the seconds until you return.

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