Live Review: Charlotte Day Wilson @ The Vogue Theatre, Vancouver - May 17th 2024

Live Review: Charlotte Day Wilson @ The Vogue Theatre, Vancouver – May 17th 2024

Last night, Canadian queer treasure Charlotte Day Wilson got everyone into a groove at the Vogue Theatre. Wilson screams cool girl energy – she was captivating the crowd with her sleek ponytail and charming banter. The entire show had the crowd swaying and everyone was really into it. Any time Wilson would shred on the guitar, the crowd would lose their minds. 

It was obvious Wilson and her band were having a great time. At one point, she even said they were her favourite group she’s ever worked with. 

Wilson is truly a multi-talented person. She can sing and slays at both the piano and the guitar. My partner and I are obsessed with The Voice and have this running bit where we decide whether we think a famous singer could hypothetically win The Voice or not. Wilson could definitely win The Voice as she is not only pitch-perfect but knows who she is as an artist. 

My favourite point in the show was after a lot of chill, spicy music she asked “Should we bring it up now?” and the crowd’s sways turned into dance moves. She played her collab with Kaytranada (What You Need). If she went the queer dance-pop route, I would be for it. 

As Wilson finished her set, she told us that music is no fun unless you have people to play with. She emphasized the special connection and bond she has with musicians, and this sentiment was reflected in the entirety of her show. 

Her last song was an unreleased piano ballad that was so stunning, if someone wrote it for me I would faint immediately. She said she woke up one morning and the song poured out of her after she was experiencing fear and doubt but was supported by a loved one. She gave a shout-out to good lovers and how important it is to be loved well. 

Wilson is a passionate and charming performer and there’s no wonder she’s made a name for herself in the Canadian music industry. 

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