Live Review: Crowded House @ Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver - May 2nd 2023 © Sharon Steele

Live Review: Crowded House @ Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver – May 2nd 2023

Vancouver was the first city on the rescheduled ‘Dreamers Are Waiting” North American leg of their tour from 2020 (which was previously postponed due to drummer Elroy Finns back injury). This tour is in support of their seventh Album, ‘Dreamers Are Waiting’. Which was their first album in 11 years, with the single ’To The Island” which has received some considerable praise.

Being the first show of an 18 date Canada/USA stretch there were no major glitches, which shows that they (band/crew) were well prepared. Original members Neil Finn (Vox/guitar), and Nick Seymour (bass) showcased a comfort level between them, as one would expect from a bandmember-ship / friendship that the many years playing together brings. The mid-song banter was somewhat minimal, allowing the songs and setlist to showcase the live performance. But some banter involved  how to pronounce “Crowded House” in varied accents such as Canadian versus South African, or discussing the need to remember to have adequate water intake during their performance

It was a happy night. One woman came up to me prior to the show and told me how her husband surprised her with 3rd row seats as she was just so happy to see them. They were her youthful love, the songs and all the wonderful feeling and memories that they provided to her. She said it was a so meaningful for her to see Crowded House live and actually got very emotional about it. Others, such as myself, have never seen them live but was thankful for the opportunity.

Obviously the audience loved the favourites of “ Don’t Dream It’s over, Something So Strong, and Better Be Home Soon”, but the added surprise was them performing the Split Enz “Six months in a leaky boat” in the middle of “Weather With You”. A big surprise and highlight! They said on their Instagram that he sometimes does that with random songs without telling the band, and they have to be paying attention to it.

Neil Finn’s vocals and the musicianship of the band was on point throughout the evening. Nick Seymour (bass) was the only one who managed to move to various locations on stage, yes a bassist moves. Imagine that 🙂 

My only personal wish was that they performed my fave “Into Temptation”. But with their extensive catalogue I can understand why they did not.

For those interested in stage schematics – Visually the stage was adorned with 3 Persian carpets for each member in the front (guitarist Liam Finn, Neil Finn, Nick Seymour), with keys, drums and percussion behind (Mitchell Froom, Elroy Finn, performer unknown). The lighting and design were minimal, and warm, with flowing flower shape lights blending slowly and mixing with the three back multi-rotational LEDs. The sound was impeccable, as the Orpheum is such a perfect venue to showcase of this. There were times when the audience was singing and it just blended beautifully. 
This was an evening of watching a band perform songs they love for an appreciative audience that holds those same songs so dear. I watched the varied ages of people around me sing a long to the bands songs with fevor, and that is always a great thing. You go to a concert to see a performer/s sing a song you love, isn’t it?

Crowded House had the Orpheum packed, and audience appreciating every musical moment, and singing along to the music that the much loved band provided. Happy time.

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Setlist courtesy of (but it missed them performing Six months in a leaky boat)
When you come
To the Island
World Where you Live
Fall at Your feet
Unknown (new song, live debut per Liam)
Show Me the Way
Message to My Girl (Split Enz)
Pineapple Head
Silent House
Bad Times Good
Four Seasons in one Day
Sister Madly
Now we’re getting somewhere
Private Universe
Whatever you want
Distant Sun
Don’t Dream it’s over
Mean to me
Something so strong

Encore:Those were the days (Eugene Raskin cover)
Weather with you
Chocolate Cake
Better be home soon

Photo gallery © Sharon Steele

  1. It was a terrific concert. Finally got to see them live, and they certainly didn’t disappoint! Nick Seymour is a character, and fun to watch,…..always moving, and smiling!

  2. My wife and I went to the show in Oakland at the beautiful Fox Theater. Great show, and thanks for the photos – great shots!

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