Coast City Country Festival @ BC Place, Vancouver - April 19th 2024

Live Review: Day 1 at Coast City Country @ BC Place, Vancouver – April 19th 2024

Last night marked the inaugural evening of the Coast City Country festival at BC Place Stadium in Vancouver, BC, a country music extravaganza that hopefully becomes a staple in the city’s entertainment scene. The first of a two-night stint, the festival kicked off with a bang, showcasing a lineup that ranged from rising stars to established headliners, delivering an unforgettable night of country music under the stars.

The evening started on a high note with Chayce Beckham, whose mesmerizing set of sonic beauty had the early crowd on their feet and singing along. Beckham’s soulful vocals and engaging stage presence set the stage for an evening filled with heartwarming melodies and infectious energy.

Next up was Nate Smith, whose high-energy performance kept the party alive and the crowd buzzing. Smith’s dynamic stage presence and relentless enthusiasm ensured that the excitement never waned, setting the tone for an evening of non-stop entertainment.

Elle King took the stage with a more reserved yet deeply compelling set, showcasing her musical prowess and emotional depth. Her soulful vocals and cohesive band created a captivating atmosphere, reminiscent of a theatrical performance filled with purpose and soul.

Walker Hayes brought a fun and dancey vibe to the festival, captivating the audience with his infectious energy and catchy tunes. Hayes’ genuine interactions with the crowd and memorable songs left a lasting impression, making his set a highlight of the night.

Bailey Zimmerman stole the show as the opening act, delivering an electrifying performance that surpassed expectations. With two talented guitarists by his side, Zimmerman commanded the stage with confidence and charisma, leaving the audience in awe of his talent.

As the night reached its climax, Nickelback took the stage with their signature hard rock style, bringing a new dynamic to the country festival. Their explosive performance, complete with dazzling lights and pyrotechnics, turned the stadium into a massive sing-along party, with the audience belting out every lyric.

The inaugural night of Coast City Country was a resounding success, showcasing a diverse lineup of artists and creating unforgettable moments for fans. From the high-energy performances to the camaraderie among concertgoers, the festival captured the essence of country music and left attendees eagerly anticipating the next night of music and memories.

Photos © Jamie Taylor

Owner + Editor In Chief + Concert Photographer

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