Ed Sheeran performing at BC Place Stadium in Vancouver, BC , Canada on September 2nd 2023 © Jamie Taylor

Live Review: Ed Sheeran + Khalid + Maisie Peters @ BC Place Stadium, Vancouver – September 2nd 2023

Last night, BC Place Stadium was the place to be. The venue played host to 65,061 concertgoers, the highest attendance in its multi-decade history. Everyone had gathered to experience the international superstar, Ed Sheeran.

The audience’s anticipation was electric as the stage setup, cleverly positioned in the center of the stadium, offered a 360-degree view. With opening artists Maisie Peters and Khalid setting the stage ablaze, Ed Sheeran would go on to deliver a performance to remember, solidifying his status as one of the world’s biggest-selling artists on the planet.

Maisie Peters @ BC Place Stadium, Vancouver – September 2nd 2023 © Jamie Taylor

Maisie Peters, hailing from Brighton, England, opened the night with an infectiously upbeat set. Her voice, sounding just as incredible live as in her recordings, filled the stadium with a vibrant energy. The crowd’s response was resounding, a testament to her burgeoning popularity. Notably, she mentioned her recent signing to Ed Sheeran’s record label, setting the stage for the night’s headliner. Maisie closed her set with “Lost The Breakup,” a fan favorite that had most of the stadium singing along.

Khalid @ BC Place Stadium, Vancouver – September 2nd 2023 © Jamie Taylor

Following Maisie Peters, Khalid, an American singer-songwriter from El Paso, Texas, took the stage with an energetic setlist that perfectly matched the vibe set by the opener. Khalid and his band maintained infectious smiles throughout their performance, creating an atmosphere of sheer enjoyment. The audience responded with enthusiasm, singing along to hits like “Young Dumb & Broke.” Khalid’s distinctive black and white coveralls and matching Nike high-tops made him easily identifiable on the expansive stage. His set concluded with the crowd-pleaser “Better,” leaving the audience amped up for the main event.

Ed Sheeran @ BC Place Stadium, Vancouver – September 2nd 2023 © Jamie Taylor

As the clock neared Ed Sheeran’s arrival, the anticipation in the stadium was palpable. The enormous circular video screen that encompassed the stage was lifted, standing solo in the center of the stage, the talented English singer-songwriter kicked off his set. The audience erupted in cheers, and from that moment, there was no turning back.

By the third song, Sheeran introduced a captivating stage element—the circular stage began to rotate, allowing him to share his charismatic presence with every corner of the stadium. His energy was boundless, seamlessly carrying over the infectious enthusiasm generated by his opening acts.

Ed Sheeran @ BC Place Stadium, Vancouver – September 2nd 2023 © Jamie Taylor

Ed Sheeran alternated between solo performances and segments with his full band, creating dynamic shifts in the show’s atmosphere. One standout moment was when he brought Khalid on stage to perform “Beautiful People” together, further elevating the evening’s excitement.

Throughout the performance, Sheeran’s dedication was unmistakable. His genuine interactions with the audience, coupled with his emotional delivery, ensured that every song felt like an intimate moment shared with thousands. It was evident that he poured his heart and soul into each note, a fact that resonated deeply with the crowd.

Ed Sheeran @ BC Place Stadium, Vancouver – September 2nd 2023 © Jamie Taylor

In a thoughtful gesture, Sheeran donned a shirt with “Vancouver” emblazoned on the back, endearing himself even further to the audience. The concert felt like a personal, one-of-a-kind experience, a testament to Sheeran’s ability to connect with his fans.

The stage show itself was nothing short of spectacular. Fireworks lit up the sky, and vertical flame cannons punctuated the performance with bursts of heat and light. At one point, an inflatable ambulance and the iconic Bunny character added whimsy to the stage, complementing Sheeran’s animated and engaging presence.

Ed Sheeran @ BC Place Stadium, Vancouver – September 2nd 2023 © Jamie Taylor

The setlist was a masterful blend of Ed Sheeran’s greatest hits and newer releases, appealing to both longtime fans and those discovering his music for the first time. From the full-band anthems of “BLOW” to the solo, acoustic moments of “Photograph” and “Perfect,” the range of emotions and experiences was vast. Sheeran’s encore, featuring “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You,” “Shape of You,” and “Bad Habits,” provided a triumphant conclusion to an unforgettable night.

Ed Sheeran’s performance was a triumphant celebration of music, unity, and boundless energy. He reaffirmed his place as a global music phenomenon, showcasing why he is one of the world’s biggest-selling artists. As the lights dimmed and the crowd’s cheers continued to reverberate, it was clear that this record-breaking night in Vancouver would be cherished by fans for years to come.

Ed Sheeran’s setlist

With Full Band

Ed Sheeran on his own
I’m a Mess
The A Team
Castle on the Hill
Eyes Closed
Give Me Love
Boat (with his Musical Director)

With Full Band
River / Peru / South of the Border / I Don’t Care
Beautiful People (with Khalid)
End of Youth
Overpass Graffiti
Galway Girl (with Alicia Enstrom)
Thinking Out Loud

Ed Sheeran on his own
Love Yourself (Justin Bieber cover)
Full Band

You Need Me, I Don’t Need You
Shape of You
Bad Habits

Photos © Jamie Taylor

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